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Hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick apologizes for making ‘inappropriate comments’ about his co-workers

Hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick issued an apology on Twitter Saturday weeks after NBC Sports indefinitely suspended him for making inappropriate comments about his coworkers.

Roenick appeared on Barstool Sports’ “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast in December where he and the hosts engaged in a free-flowing conversation about Roenick’s co-workers, Kathryn Tappen and Patrick Sharp. During the conversation he insinuated he would have a threesome with his wife and Tappen, sleep with Sharp and he commented on both of his coworker’s looks, saying Sharp was “beautiful” and Tappen was a “bombshell” blonde.

Roenick also made a joke at Anson Carter’s expense, saying neither he nor Carter get the attention that Sharp gets.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologize to NBC Sports, Kathryn Tappen, Patrick Sharp, Anson Carter, for some insensitive comments I made on a recent podcast. I never meant to offend anyone, and I definitely went too far, and for that, I deeply regret it,” Roenick said in a 44-second video posted to his Twitter account. “I’ve called everybody involved and I’m so thankful for their loving and gracious acceptance of my apology, and that includes my family and friends.”

Roenick said he always tries to act professional and entertain, but understands he went too far.

“I will make sure, in the future, that I’m mindful of people’s feelings, the sensitivities of my coworkers and of all you, my loving fans. I hope to see you on air soon. I hope you can accept my apologies,” he said.

An NBC Sports spokesperson said the network was aware of Roenick’s statement and was “glad Jeremy has formally apologized.”

“He remains suspended indefinitely,” the spokesperson said.

Roenick played 20 seasons for five NHL teams. He retired in 2009. He was inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010, according to the Hall of Fame’s website.

In 2010, he joined NBC Sports. Roenick serves as a studio analyst for NBC Sports Group’s NHL coverage on NHL Live and NHL Overtime and NBCSN’s pre-game and post-game shows, according to his NBC bio that is no longer available.

Roenick served as a men’s and women’s Olympic hockey studio analyst at the last three Winter Olympics, according to his bio.