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Several high-rise buildings in Miami were evacuated after a powerful earthquake hit the Caribbean

Hundreds of people were evacuated from high-rise buildings near downtown Miami after a powerful earthquake in the Caribbean Sea on Tuesday.

Several buildings in Miami were shaking Tuesday but no injuries or structural damage has been reported, Miami police and fire officials tweeted.

Jose Borrego was in a work meeting at the Bank of America building in the Brickell neighborhood when he “felt slight movement of the building.” When he came outside, he said he noticed every building in the area was being evacuated.

“The evacuation was pretty smooth, but all in all anxious about the state of emergency and the lack of information regarding the situation,” said Borrego, an employee of software company Kaseya.

At least eight buildings in the area decided to evacuate following the earthquake, Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell told CNN affiliate WPLG.

The Stephen P. Clark Government Center was closed as a precaution, Miami-Dade county officials said.

Jose Abreu, an employee at another high-rise, said he felt the walls vibrating for about 90 seconds but thought it was a malfunctioning fan.

“I thought it was the fan acting up on me. I didn’t think anything of it,” he said. “I just went along, until the building announcement came through the speakers and I just evacuated in the back of the building.”

Others in Miami’s financial district told CNN they didn’t feel shaking but were concerned about retrieving items from their offices.