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1 person is dead after a shooting during protests in downtown Portland


A person was shot and killed in downtown Portland Saturday night after an evening of violent clashes between Trump supporters and protesters denouncing police brutality.

Police have not released details about the victim, who they said was shot in the chest around 8:46 p.m. Saturday near Southwest Third Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. Previously, police said the shooting was near Southeast Third Avenue.

Authorities also have not provided any suspect information and are asking anyone who witnessed the incident or has first-hand video of the shooting to contact investigators.

Justin Dunlap, who witnessed the shooting and captured some of it on his Facebook live stream, said he “didn’t hear much lead up to it.”

“I heard like three seconds of yelling and saw a guy spray bear mace,” Dunlap told CNN. “The victim sprayed mace and launched it right into the other guy.”

CNN has not confirmed if the victim is the person who sprayed mace.

For more than 90 consecutive nights, protesters in Portland have denounced police brutality and racial injustice. The protests were spurred by the killing of George Floyd in May and gained steam after last weekend’s shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

The man who was killed in Portland on Saturday night was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Portland that has clashed with protesters in the past, said New York Times reporter Mike Baker.

Earlier Saturday night, police tweeted that there had been “some instances of violence between demonstrators and counterdemonstrators” when a political rally caravanned through downtown Portland.

The tweet said officers made some arrests and asked people to avoid downtown due to traffic from the political rally.

The traffic coincided with a planned “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland” that was advertised on Facebook.

According to the posted event, participants planned to gather at the Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas, Oregon, about 17 miles southeast of Portland. They planned to line up the cars, motorcycles and trucks for the rally and travel the “Trump 2020 cruise rally route.” An image posted on Facebook shows it appeared to include the downtown Portland area.

On Saturday afternoon, a large group of Trump supporters and cars gathered at the Clackamas Town Center, CNN affiliate KOIN reported. Video footage from KOIN showed pickup trucks with American flags, “Thin Blue Line” flags and Trump 2020 flags prominently displayed on the vehicles.

Portland police tried to keep the caravan out of the downtown area, Police Chief Chuck Lovell said at press conference Sunday, but a group of the vehicles were able to “come into the downtown core.”

Later in the evening, Baker posted footage from downtown Portland. In at least one video, protesters standing on a street corner screamed and tossed items at people in a stopped white pickup truck with an American flag and the words “All Live Matter” written on a back driver’s side window. The truck appears to be part of the Trump cruise rally. One of the protesters is seen lighting a Trump flag on fire as the caravan begins to drive off.

A man riding in the bed of a passing black pickup truck displaying a blue “Oregon for Trump” flag and an American flag can be seen pointing and firing a paintball gun at the protesters standing on the corner.

Riders in the black truck can be seen releasing some form of spray.

And as a green pickup truck passes, someone riding in its bed can be seen spraying something toward protesters. Passengers in that green truck duck as the other protesters toss something at them.

Other videos posted by the New York Times reporter showed fights breaking out between the pro-Trump supporters and the protesters.

President Donald Trump tweeted “Rest in Peace” about the shooting victim, later commenting on the chaos and criticizing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

“The big backlash going on in Portland cannot be unexpected after 95 days of watching and incompetent Mayor admit that he has no idea what he is doing,” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

“The people of Portland won’t put up with no safety any longer. The Mayor is a FOOL. Bring in the National Guard!”

Wheeler criticized Trump at a press conference Sunday afternoon, saying the President has “created the hate and the division.”

“The tragedy of last night cannot be repeated,” Wheeler said. “It doesn’t matter who you are or what your politics are — we have to all stop the violence.”

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown also blasted Trump in a statement Sunday afternoon, saying he “has encouraged division and stoked violence.”

“It happened in Kenosha. And now, unfortunately, it is happening in Portland, Oregon.”

“But despite the President’s jeers and tweets, this is a matter of life and death. Whether it’s his completely incompetent response to the pandemic, where nearly 200,000 have died, or his outright encouragement of violence in our streets: it should be clear to everyone by now that no one is truly safe with Donald Trump as President,” Brown said.

Chief Lovell urged people to not jump to conclusions about what led up to the shooting.

“It is still early in this investigation, and I ask everyone to give the detectives time to do their important work before drawing conclusions about what took place,” Lovell said.

“If anyone can provide information about this case, I ask them to please reach out to our detectives. This violence is completely unacceptable and we are working diligently to find and apprehend the individual or individuals responsible.”

The FBI and ATF are assisting Portland police in the investigation, according to a tweet from Kerri Kupec, Justice Department spokesperson. Kupec said agents are “actively offering support and resources.”




  1. Nope. Too late for that right winger killed by who knows who. Might have been a shooter from another right wing faction just to ramp up Trump’s calls for law and order. But it was a Leftist who shot that man he still needs to face justice for his actions just like that other killer in Kenosha. Yet Trump is egging on his violent supporters armed to the teeth to march on in his name. Law and Order president my ass. He would love nothing more than his supporters start an all out war and step in to put out a Fire that he started in the first place.

    1. The race protests/riots started back with Obama you nitwit. Recall Ferguson, MO. Always blaming President Trump as usual. Your TDS makes you look like a blithering idiot. Oh wait… are. lmao.

      1. Hey, Granpa Nitwit. What you call riots/protests began with the Colonies back in the 1770s when the colonists had enough of a Despot named King George III. Have you ever picked up a History book, knucklehead. That’s what we Americans do when we see an Autocrat like Trump, and a Criminal Justice system that systematically abuses its power to beat, kill, and choke Black people as if they were still Slaves.

        1. Hey moron you left off the race part. They were white back then so it doesn’t count or not relevant. You’re an idiot! How about them blacks in Texas killing Hispanics. Any comment on that Mr. Alberto the bigot and racist.

          1. You,sir, are a complete Moron. The principle of the thing is still the same whether you are protesting against taxes, race injustice, or the price of eggs. A protest is a protest is a protest. Is that too difficult for you to understand? If it is, then you’re on your own.

          2. Look in the mirror nitwit! What protests? They are riots nitwit. Big difference. You compare apples to oranges. Not analogous. They are riots, riots, and riots. BTW – The Revolutionary War was freeing America not a specific race of people.

  2. Whoever killed this man, either Right or Left wing needs to pay for his crime. Murder is murder no matter the reason or political belief behind it. What we need at this time is a call from our leaders to stop the violence. Instead we have a nut job in the White House asking for his supporters to ramp up their support for him, even if it takes us killing each other who are for and against him. Trump this morning calling his supporters Patriots even as one is dead because of him. His motto is Divide and Conquer, but it won’t work. BIDEN/HARRIS in November!

    1. What drugs are you on? You don’t have to like Trump but to blame him for the violence is completely absurd. He has offered almost daily to provide assistance to states to stop the leftist riots. He has condemned the violence, the Democrats on the other hand are the ones promoting it. Conservatives are being murdered on the streets by Antifa and no one cares. Why? Because Liberals feed off of hate and violence and justify it as “justice”.

      1. Good speech! Clap, clap, clap! Except the audience you are talking too is only in your head. Pat yourself in the back and keep talking to yourself. You are your best audience when it comes to Fictional stories. You put Comic Book writers to shame with your wild imagination.

        1. What every liberal says when exposed to the truth. You’re a 30 something who still lives in your parents basement aren’t you? There is no way you pay your own bills or have ever lived in the real world. Keep playing house and leave the worlds problems to us educated adults.

          1. No, he is in his mid-60’s, on welfare and lives in government subsidized housing on the east side of El Paso.

          2. He was arrested back in 1988 by the EPPD for substance abuse. That is why his brain is so fried.

  3. The shooter was just doxxed by users at the infamous 4Chan. He is a white leftist radical antifa professional skateboarder and low life. The video shows he was armed with a handgun. He had a BLM tattoo on his neck and an old wound on his arm from a previous riot. Michael Reinoehl, age 48 of Portland. Positive ID.

    1. Feo was just punked by 4chan into believing some bullshit from the Internet site of the Hitler Youth, 4chan. Where’s QAnon with their breaking news, too. Stop spreading Dangerous gossip, you Idiot!

      1. You were punked and doxxed a long time ago but you’re still in denial and embarrassed to admit it. Carry on you nitwit. BTW – How’s Darlene?

    2. Here’s the moron’s screed (manifesto): On Instagram, Reinoehl Spoke About Being Ready To “Fight”

      “Every Revolution needs people that are willing and ready to fight. There are so many of us protesters that are just protesting without a clue of where that will lead. That’s just the beginning that’s where the fight starts. If that’s as far as you can take it thank you for your participation but please stand aside and support the ones that are willing to fight. I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for. We do not want violence but we will not run from it either! If the police continue to pick on and beat up innocent citizens that are peacefully voicing their objections, it must be met with equal force! We are currently living through a crucial point in Humanities evolution. We truly have an opportunity right now to fix everything. But it will be a fight like no other! It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties. I was in the army and I hated it. I did not feel like fighting for them would ever be a good cause. Today’s protesters and antifa are my brothers in arms. This is a Cause to fight for This truly is fighting for my country! I have children that need to live in a world run by Common Sense and human decency. And I will do anything to make sure that happens. Now is the time to change the course of humanity. If we fold now just because they show some Force we will be lost for another hundred years. And I don’t think the planet will let us live that long if we don’t straighten shit up. Please be safe strong and United. I love you all.”

      1. 4chan propaganda, son. You are easily fooled and fed Nazi propaganda. Not even Fox news is reporting that police have identified the shooter. One is born every minute. Born a fool, that is. Like you! So you read someone’s political creed on 4chan. Which proves what? Proves Nothing except that your easily fooled into believing anything you are predisposed to believe in the first place.

        1. You blind? The shooter posted it on his Instagram. See you are a total nitwit. BTW – You watch Fox? The nitwit leftist wannabe antifa watches Fox. Too funny.

          1. Anyone can post ANYTHING, you Moron Nitwit. You believe everything on the Internet? Go to my site where a have a bridge to sell you. But you will have to go to Brooklyn to get it. What a Nitwit!

          2. Alberto posts crap and fake news. What’s the matter moron? Mad your antifa buddies are getting doxxed? 4Chan is the same group that doxxed the two dead and one wounded antifa scum in Kenosha. It all came out true and the media picked it up faster than flies on shit.

  4. Your Clown president egging on Nazis, Ultranationalist, and assorted nuts to back him up by rolling through the streets armed to the teeth with automatic weapons. These are the consequences of a Divisive, Racist, and Egomaniacal fool who cannot bring the American people to agree on anything. We are playing into his hands by killing each other and he is secretly smiling and hoping we keep it up so he can send in more of his Jack Booted Nazi troops to our cities. Nazi Bastard!

  5. Hope the Nazi Bastard goes to Kenosha. He will be going into a Hornet’s Nest where there is going to be another free for all among the Nazis supporters and the real Patriots of Kenosha. And once again he will blame Democrats for it all. What an Idiot!

    1. The POTUS will be fine dumbass. The USSS does a great job of protecting him. After all he was in El Paso another libtard hornet’s nest back in 2018 and left in one piece. You were too busy sleeping or playing with yourself. Alberto the one man wannbe Antifa. LMAO.

          1. Ok,Dick Tracy. Man you’re good. Did you have help from 4Chan. Keep trying Sherlock Holmes!!

          2. I’ll bet you are pissed he doxxed you. I recall you don’t like PI released on you. You wanted to sue madmike in federal court. Nitwit!

  6. Biden was not CAUGHT on a Hot Mike bragging, You Can Grab them by the Pussy. They’ll let you if you’re Famous!! Or talking with his lawyer on tape on how to pay off a Porn Star just before 2016 elections. What proof caught on tape is there of Biden bragging or paying off people? None, dummy.

    1. Plenty of video of him harassing females and smelling their hair especially children. Tara Reade is a live witness that beats video. Even Hollywood’s Rose McGowen believes her. Harris believed her until she was selected to be his VP. Reade filed a police report under the penalty of perjury. #webelievetara

      1. No proof Dick Tracy. But keep trying. And you better hurry up with the proof because your Clown passing as president hasn’t much time left as Pussygrabber Of The United States!

        1. Where is the proof President Trump grabbed pussy? Any video? Checkout You Tube for Biden effing with dozens females and sniffing them. Easy peasy. Back up your fake news nitwit.

  7. More mayhem, discord, killings, damage to property, more death from the virus, and all during the orange buffoon’s watch. Whatever will we do on election day?😊

    1. We, the American people, will celebrate Mr. Biden’s election by Dancing in the streets of America for days to celebrate the end of a 4 year Soap Opera taken right out of a Dystopian Novel by George Orwell. BIDEN/HARRIS!!!!!!!

    2. All the leftist protests/riots (mayhem, discord, killings, damage to property) is the best thing that happened for President Trump’s reelection and you know it. That’s why Biden has to get out of his basement and address the people now. Most Americans say the Chinese are responsible for the virus and it’s spread. Under your premise you’d blame President Trump for Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and South America getting it. Your argument loses on it’s face. What a moron!

  8. Inspector Gadget, and Dick Tracy going over city records with a Spy glass trying to find out who Talks Trash about a Pussy Grabbing President. You guys are Funny!!!!!

  9. Feo aka Boris Badenough the Russian Spy looking for clues at the scene of the crime. You been doxxed as watching too many Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon characters. Save your time looking for people that criticize your fake president. You will end up trying to dox millions of us. Good luck, Boris!

    1. From what I see in this thread he really doxxed you. Your doxxing is imaginary, like a cartoon. You’re a total nitwit! I still say someone should call the EPPD to have a welfare check done on you. You’re not well in the head.

      1. AV the Granpa Nitwit is high on hooch again. Hey Nitwit come by my place and bring some of whatever you’re on. Bring your retarded buddy Boris Badenough the Russian spy. Let’s have a party!!

  10. Man I must be getting under your skin that you have 4chan and QAnon looking for me. Delusional old farts playing Nazi detective, AGAIN! You don’t even know if I live in El Paso. For all you know I may be posting from Beijing China!!! BIDEN/HARRIS BIDEN/HARRIS2020 BIDEN/HARRIS2020!!!

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