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Boats participating in Trump support parade sink on Texas lake

trump parade boats
Bob Daemmrich/CNN
Several boats taking part in a Trump support parade on Lake Travis in Texas sink.

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — Several boats taking part in a Trump support parade on Lake Travis in Texas sunk on Saturday, officials said.

Kristen Dark, the senior public information officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, said officials responded to “many emergency calls for boats in distress” during the parade and confirmed that “several boats did sink.”

There were no reports of fatalities or injuries and investigators have not determined how many boats sank on the lake, according to Dark.

The cause was under investigation, but there was no indication of an intentional act.

“We have no reason to suspect foul play in any of these,” sinkings, Dark said.

Weather conditions were generally calm and meteorologist Paul Yura with the National Weather Service in Austin/San Antonio said there were were no storms in the area at the time and winds were generally 10 mph (16 kph) or less.

“The lake should be fairly navigable, without issue at those wind speeds,” according to Yura.

A Facebook page for the event said more than 2,600 people had planned to attend.

Lake Travis is located about 12 miles northwest of Austin.

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    1. What justice? You are a total moron. No one was hurt and the event went on as planned. What you should be worried about is no one does boat parades for crazy Joe Biden. No one attends his gatherings either. BTW – Where are Biden’s yard signs and flags? …..crickets?

    2. Answer the question nitwit. Where’s Biden’s boat rallies? His yard signs? Flags? Bumper stickers? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…………NADA? President Trump in a total landslide.

  1. Where’s the Biden boat parade in Texas? But oh wait there is none. Over 400 boats and thousands attended in leftist Travis County. According to other media sources possibly 4 boats sunk due to the weather and very choppy waters. No one hurt. Trump/Pence 2020!

          1. Not true. Not sure on numbers for Hispanics or Cubans but Blacks for Trump are growing by the day. He’s going to double the numbers of 2016.

          2. I am assuming Steve didn’t attend the Trump MAGA rally back in 2018. I all saw were thousands of Hispanic minorities there. More than plenty for bowling leagues. Try again nitwit.

      1. White trash must have come a long way. There are some nice boats in there. Mark Turner tries to convince the uninformed Liberal sheep on this site that all Trump supporters are poor, white people but clearly his base are educated people, most with good paying jobs and deep pockets.

          1. Wrong again A-hole. There are millions of us. It’s you and your ilk that are uninformed You don’t think rationally because you are driven by hate.

          2. Poor white trailer park trash markturner is so jealous of the poor white trash conservatives that can afford nice and expensive 30 foot boats. What a nitwit!

  2. Saw a few videos on Facebook, including from someone whose boat sank. The lake was too small for that many boats in a small location. The shallow lake coupled with boaters not used to conditions made by multiple wakes, created waves that those small boats couldn’t handle. Luckily no one was hurt, and that’s the most important thing. That’s why most lakes limit speed and direct traffic with buoys when coming near shore. It was a good idea for a gathering but poorly organized and executed. Yes, I’ve boated all my life.

    1. Look at it from the bright side. It finally got the MSM to cover these events and publicize them. It gives their leftist audiences something more to rant about and amplify their TDS. BTW – Lake Travis too small? You are a nitwit. It’s surface area is 18,930 Acres. Shore line length: 270 Miles. Length of lake: 50 Miles. Get off your fat ass and go visit it. A lot bigger than Elephant Butte and Caballo lakes. Also, the speed limit was 10 mph.

  3. LMFAO!!! Those boats were sinking just like Trump’s approval numbers.

    The survivors were quoted as saying:
    “It’s dry here – the sinking is a hoax!”
    “If I drink fuel, I won’t freeze.”
    “Nobody can force me to wear a lifejacket!”
    “Only the elderly and non-swimmers will die.”

      1. The Lake Travis rally was a success nitwit just like all the other boat rallies held this weekend in New Jersey and Georgia. BTW – Have Mia twerk her fat rear end for you while you are both in the same psycho head and then throw you in Ascarate Lake to see how fast you sink.

  4. “Many of the boats that sank were overweight, they were in shambles and had a lot of pre-existing conditions. They probably would have died of the flu anyway.” – Donald J. Tramp


  5. Too funny. Rabid libtards heads exploding. Now the leftist New York Times is covering Trump boat rallies. Covered this one only because 4 boats sunk to make it look bad. But hundreds of boats made it safely without issues. There were thousands of boats yesterday at a Trump boat rally in New Jersey supporting the President and law enforcement but of course the leftist MSM didn’t cover that since no boats went down. Hypocrisy. Trump/Pence 2020.

  6. How about that Great American Boat Parade Rally at Lake Lanier in Georgia. 4,000 boats. What a spectacle. Where’s crazy Joe’s boat parade? His constituents are too busy participating in BLM/antifa riots looting and burning cities.

      1. No they won’t. They’re paid to riot not to vote. That only happens in El Paso with the Escobar “we’ll give you a sandwich and a van ride to the polls if you vote democrat” scam.

      2. markturner as delusional as ever. There are not enough BLM/Antifa in the U.S. to prevent President Trump from getting reelected or do a coup. They are just an outspoken minority mob with nothing better to do with their useless lives. I serious doubt they even vote. If Biden is so far ahead in the polls then why is he scrambling to catch up. Trump/Pence 2020.

  7. Another successful Trump boat rally yesterday. The “Liberty Rally” down the Potomac River in D.C. with hundreds that attended. Of course the MSM is silent on that. Still waiting for crazy Joe Biden boat rallies or even regular rallies for that matter.

  8. I saw on reliable non fake news media that Biden only had 1 attendee at his townhall last week and a dozen reporters with canned questions and answers. He forgot his reporter’s list. rofl.

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