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3 dead in Austin active shooter case called ‘domestic situation’; ex-cop sought as gunman

AUSTIN, Texas — Three people were pronounced dead from gunshot wounds at the scene of an active shooter incident in Austin on Sunday, according to Austin-Travis County EMS.

The shooting appeared to be “a domestic situation that is isolated,” Austin police said. The gunman was still at large, and residents should still shelter in place and report any suspicious activity as the search for the shooter continued, according to police.

While the shooter was not in custody, ABC affiliate KVUE reported that the suspected gunman was identified as 41-year-old Stephen Nicholas Broderick, a former detective with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. He is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and was last seen wearing a gray hoodie, sunglasses and a baseball cap.

It is unknown if Broderick fled on foot or in a vehicle, and authorities were concerned that he could be hiding or take a hostage, according to Austin Police Interim Chief Joseph Chacon.

“Obviously this is tragedy. We have people who have lost their lives out here,” Chacon said. “The danger still remains high at this point.”

The shooting was targeted and the three victims — two women and one man — knew Broderick, according to Chacon. A child was involved but has been located and is safe, he added.  The suspect’s motive is currently unknown.

Court records show that Broderick has a pending felony charge for sexual assault of a child, according to KVUE. He was booked in jail last June and was released 16 days later after posting bail, according to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

Police said the shootings happened shortly before noon at an apartment complex at Great Hills Trail and Rain Creek Parkway. The shooting scene remained active and people were asked by police to avoid the area, which is near the city’s Arboretum.

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  1. Police identified the suspect as a former detective accused of child rape. Guess the liberal media forgot to write the hood is a black guy so nothing to see here.

      1. The charges were not among those where a judge could deny bond. A high bond could have been challenged via an application for a writ of habeas corpus. Its all very simple.

          1. What’s your point scooby doo doo? You approve this maniac killed innocent people because he was within the law to do it? What a scum bag you are fool. I thought you love the Hispanic folks. I guess not.

          1. Not necessarily. Depends on the constitutional sophistication of the court hearing the writ application.

        1. Oh bull. Set that bail at a cool $1M.
          If someone wants to gamble $100K on a child predator, fine.
          Now, see? Let the scum walk, three people are dead.

    1. Kp1dpr it’s among their circle. Domestic violence. Not the case with white maggots like you who enter schools, Walmart’s, etc and kill people they don’t know. Don’t be an idiot. Not the same issue.

      1. So it’s ok to kill people you do know. Right alberto pedo muerto? Someone should enter your abode and show you their gun. Shove it down your slimy throat until you stop breathing. That is if slime breathes.

  2. Of course it’s NOT ok to kill In a domestic violence case, drug case, gang case etc…..but to use it as an equalizer to your maggot American white breed’s actions in school mass shootings/Walmart shooting,etc points to your approval of white terrorism in America. You little 5 El Paso maggots should be on a watch list. I mean you all are old and dumb, but still warrants keeping an eye on you. As long as you can pull the trigger you are a threat.

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