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Transgender internet personality Chris Chan arrested on incest charge

RICHMOND, Virginia -- Transgender internet personality Chris Chan, also known as Christine Weston Chandler, is being held in the Henrico County Jail in Virginia on charges of incest allegedly involving his 80-year old mother.

The arrest stems from a leaked nine-minute recorded conversation on Discord, an instant messaging and digital distribution platform, of Chandler explaining to a friend that he had been having a sexual relationship with his mother.

The 39-year-old Chandler was removed from Barbara Chandler's home they have shared since Christine was a child by an emergency protection order issued by authorities.

Christine Chandler, who is autistic and receives disability from the state, also creates figurines she sells based off of her comic book creation character "Sonichu."

After being asked to leave a family member's home where Christine Chandler was staying at, an accommodation was provided for her at the Regency Inn in Richmond.

Internet show host Ethan Ralph, creator of the Killstream/Ralph Retort, was at the hotel live streaming the arrest of Christine Chandler as it took place.

You could watch in real time on his daily internet show "The Ralph Retort" on the streaming platform Odysee as Chandler was handcuffed and led from her hotel room to the Henrico County Police vehicle.

While cuffed and standing in front of the police unit, Chandler spoke to Ralph while being streamed to around 3,000 people.

"I am compliant, I am good like this.  I am Chris Chan Sonichu, your Goddess Blue Heart and I continue to stand strong and I maintain everything with my CWCville, Sonichu and Rosechu and everybody," Christine Chandler shouted at Ralph.

"It was a wild turn of events," Ralph shared.

If convicted, Chandler could spend up to twelve years in jail.

Chandler's early life has been documented by Geno Samuel, who is the owner of YouTube channel GenoSamuel2.1

Samuel has put out 59 roughly hour-long videos documenting the childhood days of Christian Chandler until his progression into Christine Chandler.

According to Samuel's documentaries, Christine was born Christopher Weston Chandler to Bob and Barbara Chandler, and while still a child he changed his name to Christian for religious purposes.

In the documentaries, it shows Christian who as a child began to play with Legos and draw comic books with Crayola markers he based on a character that is a combination of Sonic the Hedge Hog and Pikachu from Pokemon that he calls "Sonichu."

Chris would later build a city he named CWCville filled with all types of character from his imagination aided by his toys and Legos.

Samuel documents that Christian would upload videos after speaking to friends he had met on the internet regarding various topics in the late 2000's.

In the Samuel-produced documentary it suggests that this internet activity opened the door to "Trolls" - or someone trying to get a rise out of another on the internet.

In the documentaries, Chandler proclaims the trolls have been stalking him since his early 20's.  

Chandler said they would trick the autistics to upload videos and audios of embarrassing moments which would be shared on Kiwi Farms and other web boards around the internet.

Joshua Moon, commonly known as "Null," is the curator of Kiwi Farms - which is a web board that is used document social internet history.

Null explained how he got involved with Chandler saying, " I intervened with Chris in 2018 to help deal with 'Idea Guy', another autistic who had somehow gained total control of Chris and was getting Chris to send him money and video games. He was extorting Chris into doing very dark stuff by threatening to destroy CWCville with a moon laser in a parallel dimension. I completely uprooted Idea Guy and got the police involved which caused them to stop. I stopped talking to Chris soon after because he basically kept wanting me to enforce his delusions of being a god from another dimension, and when I wouldn't, he made Discords and invited people (like famous MLP YouTubers) who would."

Null said that in June of 2021 Chandler wanted to go to "Ever Fre,e" which is a Brony (male fan of My Little Pony) convention on the West Coast, so Null put together a GoFundMe.

The GFM asked for donations - but in return Chandler would send you artwork, crafts or video shout outs she would make.

The $5,000 ceiling was reached quickly and Chandler was meeting her quota, according to Null.

When the audio and direct messages involving alleged incest leaked July 30 onto the internet, it trended on Twitter.

Bail for Chandler has yet to be set.

Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



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