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TxDOT signs rooting for Baylor in NCAA tourney – some El Paso motorists not thrilled

A TxDOT sign rooting for Baylor along I-10 near Sunland Park in El Paso.
A TxDOT sign rooting for Baylor along I-10 near Sunland Park in El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas -- The men's basketball NCAA championship takes place Monday night.

So who are you rooting for? If you're going against the Texas team - you join the crowd with many other El Pasoans.

But something on Interstate 10 caught the eyes of some motorists: Texas Department of Transportation signs cheering for Baylor, saying "Sic em Bears."

Of course, being a state agency you would assume TxDOT is rooting against Gonzaga, but many El Paso drivers may not be thrilled with the sign.

That's because it goes against UTEP's long-lasting legacy of being the only Texas men's college basketball team to win a national championship.

However, TxDOT's El Paso office posted this statement on Twitter: "This sign board does not represent the views of all TxDOT personnel."

Of course, it's no surprise many El Pasoans don't want Baylor to win.

Texas Monthly even published an article explaining that El Pasoans always root against the Texas teams during March Madness to protect the Texas Western legacy - and make sure the 1966 team is the only one in the state to carry that precious title.

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  1. I personally think the Baylor coach mocked and made fun of the 66 team. “We want a movie too” His team is nowhere near the significance of the UTEP 66 team. A complete mockery and condescending statement consistent with the trump movement.

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