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El Paso’s deadliest virus day: 14 new deaths, 340 more cases

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso's Health Department reported a record 14 new coronavirus deaths Thursday.

The death toll now stands at 173. The previous record for most deaths in a day was eight, back on May 27.

The Department of Public Health announced the latest victims, all of whom had underlying health conditions, were:

  • ·        2  women in their 70s
  • ·        1 man in his 70s
  • ·        1 woman in her 80s
  • ·        4 men in their 80s
  • ·        4 women in their 90s
  • ·        2 men in their 90s

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, in an interview with ABC-7 on Thursday afternoon, indicated that while 14 deaths were reported for the day, it didn't mean they all happened over the past 24 hours. There are lags in reporting deaths due to the time it takes for death certificates to be filed and epidemiological investigations to take place, he explained.

“We continue to be saddened by the ongoing loss of lives, and send our deepest condolences to the family members of these fourteen individuals,” El Paso's Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza said. “We are also very concerned by the spike in new cases and the number of people requiring hospitalization seen over the last several days."

Hospitalizations on Thursday decreased from 287 to 272. But, the number of patients in El Paso ICU's increased to 100, which is a record-high. There are 39 patients on ventilators.

The Department of Public Health also reported 340 new cases. There have now been 10,638 confirmed cases in El Paso County. The number of active cases now stands at 3,708.

There have been 6,757 reported recoveries. Health officials said about 63.5 percent of people who have tested positive have now recovered in El Paso County. Research suggests some recovered persons can still have long-term health issues can stemming from the virus.

For a complete look at the health department's coronavirus data, click here.

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Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



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