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TxDOT to target wrong-way El Paso drivers with new technology

EL PASO, Texas -- The Texas Department of Transportation is implementing new robust technology to prevent wrong-way driver crashes.

The technology will be implemented at the UTEP exit of the Borderland West Expressway and run to San Marcial Street near Bowie High School.

The system is designed to detect a vehicle going the wrong way, and will then send a notification to a TxDOT center which will verify there is a wrong-way driver.

This will then activate signs which will tell oncoming motorists that a wrong-way driver is coming their way - which gives them a chance to pull over to the side.

In addition, TxDOT will put up more wrong-way warning signs, which will now include LED flashing lights.

TxDOT is also raising medians and curbs in the area, which they say will make it almost impossible for a driver to enter the Border West Expressway going the wrong direction.

The Border West Expressway was opened back in October 2019, but by December of that year they'd already had two wrong-way driver crashes.

This caused TxDOT to close both the Oregon and Campbell exits and revaluate the area entirely.

This new project is expected to be complete by the summer of 2022 and will cost $1.3 million.

It's the first time this system has been rolled out in El Paso, but TxDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright told ABC-7 they would like to implement it in other places in the future.

Rachel Phillips



  1. Revoking the drivers licenses of 60% of all El Paso drivers will be the only thing that will help. We can use about three times the number of police officers on the streets too.

          1. I have to agree with CE on this one, real or not. I go out several times a week, I haven’t seen a police car in weeks. My driving takes me between Costco, Fort Bliss, and the west side as far as McNutt road. I use Mesa a lot. I haven’t sneezed recently, and I’m allergic to fuzz!

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