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Campaign 2020

Bloomberg drops out & endorses Biden, who won 9 states including Texas; Sanders won 4 including California

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Joe Biden (left) and Bernie Sanders (right).

Here's a look back at how Super Tuesday unfolded.

Bloomberg tells ABC News he's dropping out

Mike Bloomberg ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday morning and endorsed Joe Biden, closing out an audacious run that saw the former New York mayor spend hundreds of millions of his own money to fund his late entry bid.

In an official statement to ABC News on Wednesday morning, Bloomberg said, "I am leaving the race for the same reason (I had entered it): to defeat Donald Trump."

He added: “I’ve had the chance to work with Joe on issues over the years, and Joe has fought for working people his whole life. Today I am glad to endorse him.”

Bloomberg exits the race the day after a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday that left him with only a single victory: American Samoa.

ABC News says Maine too close to project

As of Wednesday morning, Maine remained too close to call between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

On Super Tuesday, Biden won Texas, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Virginia. Sanders won California, Utah, Vermont and Colorado.

ABC News projects Biden wins Texas

Joe Biden has won Texas' Democratic presidential primary. The state has 228 delegates at stake, the second biggest prize of the night.

More than 2 million people had already voted in Texas even before polls opened for Tuesday's primary. The state, which has long been reliably Republican, is growing increasingly bluer amid a demographics change in Texas.

Biden held a rally in Dallas on Monday night, where he showcased two of his newest supporters and former rivals, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O'Rourke. Pete Buttigieg endorsed Biden earlier in the night in Dallas.

ABC News projects Sanders to win California

Bernie Sanders has won California's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 415 delegates at stake, the biggest haul on the electoral map.

Sanders' campaign has long seen the nation’s most populous state as a critical early contest and has had droves of volunteers organizing events across the state. Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic presidential primary to Hillary Clinton and was hoping for a comeback that would be a capstone moment for the state’s progressive wing.

ABC News projects Biden to win Massachusetts

Joe Biden has won Massachusetts' Democratic presidential primary. The state has 91 delegates at stake.

Massachusetts was considered a must-win state for its home-state candidate, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and election officials predicted high turnout. Nearly 230,000 voters took advantage of early voting last week, the first time the state has allowed early voting in a presidential primary.

ABC News projects Sanders to win Utah

Bernie Sanders has won Utah's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 29 delegates at stake.

Sanders has a deep well of popularity with the state's left-leaning voters.

The Democratic primary is open in Utah, so voters can cast a ballot regardless of party affiliation. Some in the Republican majority have not fully embraced President Donald Trump and moderates saw an opportunity to woo middle-of-the-road voters with a pitch that they offer the best chance to unseat the president.

ABC News projects Biden to win Arkansas

Joe Biden has won Arkansas' Democratic presidential primary. The state has 31 delegates at stake.

The solidly Republican state has seen intense interest from Democratic presidential hopefuls who have crowding airwaves with ads and lining up endorsements. Arkansas' Republican Legislature last year voted to move the state's primary in presidential years from May to March.

ABC News projects Biden will win Minnesota

Joe Biden has won Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 75 delegates at stake.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's abrupt withdrawal from the presidential race gave Bernie Sanders a sudden opportunity to lock up her home state on Super Tuesday. Instead, Biden won the state after receiving Klobuchar's endorsement.

Sanders easily won Minnesota's caucuses in 2016 and has a large and motivated progressive base in the state, offsetting Klobuchar's presumed home-field advantage in a race that was increasingly seen as tight before she dropped out Monday.

ABC News projects Biden will win Tennessee

Joe Biden has won Tennessee's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 64 delegates at stake.

Deadly overnight tornadoes delayed the start of Super Tuesday presidential primary voting in Nashville and another Tennessee county, spurring elections officials to redirect voters from some polling places to alternate locations.

In a state where Republicans hold every major elected office, including seven of the nine congressional seats, the Democratic primary voting base has a history of being more moderate than that of other states.

ABC News projects Biden to win Alabama

Joe Biden has won Oklahoma's Democratic presidential primary.

The state has 37 delegates at stake.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won Oklahoma's Democratic primary in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

ABC News projects Sanders to win Colorado

Bernie Sanders has won Colorado's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 67 delegates at stake.

It was Colorado's first presidential primary in 20 years, and Sanders' victory shows how much the Democratic Party can attract independents, still the largest voting bloc in a state that's moved further left in recent elections.

Colorado held presidential primaries from 1992 to 2000, then dropped them to save money. In 2016, voters approved reinstating primaries after complaining about the caucus system of thousands of precinct meetings to start choosing presidential candidates.

Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the state's 2016 Democratic caucuses, and he has maintained an enthusiastic base in Colorado ever since.

ABC News projects Biden to win Alabama

Joe Biden has won Alabama's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 52 delegates at stake.

Black voters hold sway in the state's Democratic electorate, and Biden and Mike Bloomberg split the endorsements of the state's largest black political coalitions. The Alabama New South Coalition backed Biden, and the Alabama Democratic Conference supported Bloomberg.

ABC News projects Biden to win North Carolina

Joe Biden has won North Carolina's Democratic presidential primary.

The state has 110 delegates at stake and is one of the swing states for the 2020 election.

ABC News projects Bloomberg to win American Samoan

Based on 100% of precincts reporting, ABC News can say that Mike Bloomberg has won the American Samoan caucus.

Bloomberg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii got their first delegates thanks to American Samoa.

The island has six Democratic delegates and their caucus awarded five to Bloomberg and one to Gabbard, who hails from Hawaii.

Bloomberg got nearly half the votes, followed by Gabbard’s 29%. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren all were below the 15% threshold, said island party executive director Andrew Bergquist.

ABC News projects Sanders to win Vermont, Biden to win Virginia

Joe Biden has won Virginia's Democratic presidential primary.

His victory comes as polls began to close in some states on Super Tuesday. Voting is underway elsewhere in the country, including California, the night’s biggest prize.

Virginia has 99 delegates at stake. It has been considered a tossup state that is increasingly moving to the left.

The results of the Democratic primary in Virginia, with its diverse electoral terrain of rural, urban, and suburban voters, could be a key indicator of which Democrat will be chosen to face President Donald Trump in the general election.

Meantime, Bernie Sanders has won Vermont's Democratic presidential primary.

Vermont has 16 delegates at stake and is Sanders' home state. In 2016, Sanders won more than 85% of the Democratic primary vote in the race against Hillary Clinton.

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    1. Don’t know about that but it looks like El Paso Democrats did yield. Obviously socialism is ideal for them for the freebies and nanny state. Sanders got 36% of the vote. Next was Biden then Bloomberg. Not to mention Socialist Bernie won Commiefornia and Colorado.

      1. I think part of Sanders getting the EP vote was he had a rally here and right afterward, his campaign directed them go to early voting down the street. No other candidate did that here. Actually pretty shrewd by his campaign staff here in town.

        1. The rally helped but obviously was not the deciding factor. That would only account for around 2,000 votes. His official attendance figure for his downtown rally. Note that Sanders beat Biden by over 5,500 votes in El Paso County. Leftist media already stated the border areas of Texas went for Bernie. Let’s see how his campaign staff acts with him losing more nationwide. Burn Milwaukee to the ground.

  1. Another fake news propaganda piece from ABC/KVIA. Texas increasingly bluer? Good laugh. It is still solid red the last time I checked. President Trump and the Republicans will blow away the Democraps November 2020. Looking forward to all that libttard crying and TDS. lmao.

    1. With dumbass Beto on dementia crazy Joe’s team as a gun grabber now they will probably change it to a Whataburger ketchup pack design similar to loser Beto’s. Joe will now be Jose. The only way to get the Latino vote. Still waiting for Beto to come and take my AR15.

  2. Bloomberg dropping out now. That was a half billion dollars of his own money gone down the toilet. I’m sure Bernie is handing a peace pipe to Warren as I type this, too (pun intended).

  3. Bitter sweet victory for freedom fighters nationwide
    The NATO of the American people have spoken and we’re coming for you radicalized Republikkkans everywhere.

  4. So this is what the dems have to offer? A crazed socialist communist determined to destroy America, and a demented old fart that doesn’t know where he is half the time? Really?

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