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WATCH: Borderland Trump supporters deck out their cars for the ‘MAGA Drag’

Motorists gather for an El Paso caravan called "Trump Train."

EL PASO, Texas -- Borderland supporters of President Trump decked out their cars in flags and banners Saturday and hit the highway as part of a nationwide caravan.

What was billed as "MAGA Drag the Interstate" began around 12:30 p.m. in El Paso, with similar events said to be happening across the country.

The so-called "Trump Train" saw a convoy of vehicles gather at 1500 Buffalo Soldiers Road before traveling onto Interstate 10.

The parade was designed to specifically to show support for Trump, who is currently hospitalized with Covid-19 and will face Joe Biden a month from Saturday in the presidential election.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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  1. I’m all for the right to slow down traffic for this. It’s their 1A right. I hope these participants remember that when some other group does the same thing.

        1. Biden doesn’t do any meet and greets because no one attends them. This wasn’t a white trash meet and greet since you weren’t there. BTW – Where are all the Biden yard signs and flags? There was more at this rally than you can count in the whole city. As usual you are a delusional moron. In denial. JO HO 2020 is a total trainwreck.

          1. Democrats in El Paso know that Biden will carry El Paso County so they really don’t need to do much campaigning here.

        2. Biden doesn’t do any meet and greets. He hides in his basement like creepy stevie on restlawn. C’mon man, If you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black. So I won’t vote for him.

  2. One thing about it; this group of folks will never have to worry about being called “elitists”. Did you get a look at that bunch of hillbilly white trash? They look just like what one would think of when you talk about orange buffoon supporters. Straight out of Appalachia and the fourth or fifth grade with incest on their minds.

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    1. Funny how the 20% blacks and 40% Hispanics that now support President Trump don’t look like white supremacists. The Hispanics in Florida are effing up Joe Biden. With 20% of the black vote and 40% of the Hispanic vote game over for Biden and he knows it. They are saying NO to the Communist Party of America. Garner that nitwit.

  3. Cuban hispanics in Florida don’t really qualify as “hispanics” politically. They’re all still fighting Castro and the cold war which ended in 1990. Their families were all supporters of mafia owned Bautista and Meyer Lansky, and are still pissed about the revolution when they lost all their ill-gotten property and money.

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