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Abbott orders special session of Texas legislature in July

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.
Austin American-Statesman/USA Today Network via CNN
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

AUSTIN, Texas — Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday ordered lawmakers back to work in July, raising expectations of another attempt to pass new voting restrictions after Democrats blocked the GOP’s first try with a dramatic late-night walkout in May.

However, Abbott did not reveal why he was ordering a special legislative session session starting July 8 — saying only in a two-sentence announcement that an agenda would come later. As governor, only Abbott can determine what issues lawmakers take up during a special session.

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But Abbott has previously made clear that he would bring lawmakers back to pass new election laws after Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives left the chamber one by one less than two hours before a midnight deadline over Memorial Day weekend, denying the GOP majority the quorum needed to pass what was one of the nation’s most restrictive voting measures.

Democrats have vowed to continue fighting GOP efforts to reduce polling hours and voting access in Texas after staging the last-ditch revolt to stop the sweeping elections overhaul from reaching Abbott’s desk. None has called for a boycott of the special session and the Republicans’ commanding majority means it’s likely that an elections bill will ultimately pass.

Special sessions in Texas last up to 30 days, but could end sooner if the GOP-controlled Legislature works fast and delivers a bill to Abbott’s liking.

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  1. Yeah! Go Governor Abbott. Time to teach these scum coward Texas Democrats a lesson. If they walk out again have the DPS arrest them.

    1. They’ll go to Oklahoma again like last time they walked out. DPS won’t enter Oklahoma. Oklahoma doesn’t give a damn about Texas politics. They won’t help.

      1. Last time? Wasn’t that back in 2003? The lest time on May 31 they just walked out and no one stopped them. Also complicated by the midnight deadline. The Republicans simply gave them some more rope.

  2. I like the Governor. I think he’s the right man for the job. He was a breathe of fresh air after Rick Perry had gone stale. But this is solely a political move. He’s gathering feelers for a potential presidential run, and he sees DeSantis roiling up stuff and he feels like he’s falling behind. After our LtGov’s debacle of offering a reward for proof of voter fraud and Pennsylvania’s Lt Gov demanding the reward after catching somebody using a dead parent to try to vote for Trump, and knowing Texas still went for Trump, he knows as well as everybody that’s there’s zero mass voter fraud, just a couple idiots trying to cheat and that ultimately get caught. This is a farce. I’ll still vote for him, but he’s wasting money.

  3. Guv A Butt using every tool in his Retrumpican tool box to impress the Trump Hillbilly masses by doing all the dumb political shit he can think of. He is trying to outdo The Orange Blob so he can run for President in ’24. Newsflash! Nobody will vote for a cripple Anal Retentive asshole like him.

  4. A Butt will never make it to the White House. Just remodeling the White House to fit ADA guidelines to his useless cripple ass will run into the millions. Who’s gonna pay for all that? Maybe Trump will. But don’t count on it.

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