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El Paso’s virus spread increasingly due to infected people who show no signs

EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso County Commissioners received some important updates on Monday from local medical and hospital administrators about the city's ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

Perhaps the biggest news of the day came from Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza.

According to Dr. Ocaranza and his work studying the impact of the virus in El Paso, roughly 1 in 4 coronavirus cases are being transmitted by way of asymptotic carriers, representing a stern warning as the community continues to open back up.

The commissioners also heard from University Medical Center's Chief Executive Officer Jacob Cintron.

Cintron was asked if any budgetary issues have been hurting his staff's ability to work.

"We have not had a reduction in force," Cintron said. "We have not done any furloughing. We did not want to add another burden putting them on furlough, knowing if we did that, for many the financial implications would not be recoverable."

There was also some good news regarding the ability of El Paso medical facilities to keep up with demands for personal protective equipment.

"While we do have the occasional shortage we work very hard with all the other hospitals in terms of building up our PPE and when there is a shortage in one location we try to help each other out."

He also spoke to the hospital's level of preparedness against a second wave of infections.

"In terms of a resurgence, we certainly hope it does not happen," he said. "As of today we have 27 Covid-19 positive patients at UMC and that is lower than what we've been running."

But he added that hospital cases aren't the only important measurement for how healthy the county is and that he has been concerned by seeing people stop wearing their masks outside.

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



    1. You wouldn’t know good or bad news if it was right in front of you. BTW – How’s that life of living in an adobe hut in the lower valley? lmao.

      1. He still refuses to tell me if his middle name is Phillip. If it is, I know what he is, where he is, since he has to register his address and what he is.

          1. What concern is it of yours? Unless you are either Alberto or markturner. Thanks for the admission but we knew that. Stand by for a free police welfare check. What was your address?

  1. A stern warning to all El Pasoans except the anarchist leftist BLM protesters/rioters. I recall hospitalization data is what determines the rate of re-opening. The deaths are ancillary.

    1. Data showing a symptomatic carriers being a large part of the spread has been around since NYC dropped that data in early April. It’s really no surprise, kinda like how it’s not surprising that the anti-American and pro-Russian asset Comrade Fero2A wants people who aren’t ideologically the same as him to get sick. That’s because he has an empty skull that I’ve been living in, rent free, for quite some time. I’m thinking of subletting the second floor.

      1. New York City? You remind me of that Pace’s salsa commercial. lmao. Symptomatic? Typo or just being stupid again. That’s OK Steve I live in a nice big expensive house, pay taxes and enjoy life as a triple dipper retiree so I’ll pass. You?……..crickets? See you just proved that I live in your fat head rent free by replying to my post. BTW – Still looking forward to hearing about your dismal military service, if any. Have a nice day Private Steve.

      2. He’s anti-American and pro-Russian? You blind? You could have fooled me especially coming from leftist Communist ideologically. Still hung up on that Russian collusion garbage after 3 1/2 years? BTW – Sarcastic Steve you missed his sarcasm. I got it fine.

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