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El Paso County Judge Samaniego orders 10 p.m to 5 a.m. curfew due to Covid-19 crisis

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego on Sunday afternoon ordered a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew daily due to El Paso's coronavirus crisis.

The curfew will be in effect for both the county and city starting Sunday night and continuing for two weeks. Law enforcement agencies will enforce the curfew along with the face mask requirement and other mandates, he said.

The judge said El Paso's sheriff, police chief and constables had all been directed to enforce the orders, which he indicated has the support of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The one exception to the curfew is for those engaged in work involving essential services, Samaniego said. He also indicated that business not following existing health guidelines face the prospect of being shut down by authorities.

School districts have been advised they should postpone high school football and other sports events for the next two weeks, Samaniego said.

The judge made his announcements at a news conference where he declared that "all hospitals have reached capacity." (You can watch the news conference in the video player at the end of this article. It begins about 13 minutes into the recording.)

Earlier Sunday, El Paso topped 11,000 active virus cases as local hospitals experienced a 300% increase in patients.

Officials have also announced that the El Paso Convention Center will be converted into a makeshift hospital, with the federal government also sending aid.

Also this weekend, there was a state request made to use the old William Beaumont Army hospital to house non-Covid patients - and there was a plan put into place by local hospitals to airlift some patients to hospitals elsewhere in the state due to the lack of bed space.




  1. Let’s see how much leeway the cops have in enforcing an unlawful curfew. What about people who work, they’re gonna have to pull over and prove where they work? They’ll have to have certain papers to be out after dark? You can’t stop people from visiting eachother no matter what time, it’s for nothing and will accomplish nothing. You can’t get put in jail and if you refuse to pull over they’re not supposed to pursue you

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          1. Although I must say, the Nazi regime did kinda start this way. We aren’t there yet but if Biden stills the election we are definitely heading in that direction.

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    1. All of those things have never worked. And still won’t. It’s not about health issues and the pandemic. It’s about control. The demoKKKrats smell blood in the water and they will stop at nothing to take advantage of the situation. That’s what liberal hacks do. Just ask comadre turner. She is one of them.

      1. At least until the day after the election. COVID19 will be put on the backburner. Then all the leftist media will be talking about is getting rid of the electoral college and trying to figure out how Biden lost. JO HO 2020 is a total trainwreck.

        1. Nope. EP hospitals and other hospitals in the nation will be near max capacity long after Election Day. That’s because morons like you follow guidance from a guy with no medical experience over a doctor with decades of experience with infectious diseases. People wear masks at Albertsons, but they’re not when hosting Cowboys watch parties or Quinces. Then again, people like you think Trump is an economic genius even though he we bankrupt owning a casino.

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  2. I guess we have a new Mayor and city council to dictate what the citizens didn’t vote for. I wonder what law in the CONSTITUTION he is following I wonder. And comadre turner thinks this is the right way to run a country. Well maybe in china but not here.

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    1. glad you agree but it’s not a “meaninglessness gesture” it’s a power play. The only reason to do something like this is….power. Everyone who can think for themselves agrees with you, it does absolutely nothing to stop covid

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  3. The curfew doesn’t effect my or my wife, we both have memo’s from the Garrison Commander stating that we are considered essential, and I have one from U.S. Attorney General Barr, which is valid nation-wide stating everyone on my agency is considered essential.

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      2. A woman who says she was a victim of a notorious child sex offender is fighting to keep him from being removed from the state’s highest supervision program.

        Rhonda Kuykendall was notified by letter Monday that Mark Philip Turner, 72, is eligible for removal from the Super-Intensive Supervision Program, or SISP.

        Turner has been convicted of four child sex crimes in three states. In Texas, he has been out on parole since 2015 and living in a halfway house in El Paso under SISP, the state’s highest level of supervision. As part of the program, he is required to wear a real-time GPS monitor at all times. If he is removed from the program, Kuykendall fears he may come after her.

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  4. As far as the Curfew goes, Judge Samaniego is no Hitler. He is just simply trying to stop the Party People or the family celebrations that are out of control. Judge knows Restaurants and Bars are not following the rules. These places get around the rules somehow and contribute to the mess we’re in because the clientele they have usually come out after 10pm and party like there’s no virus around. Sorry people, if you are not following the Covid19 containment rules, then you’ll be treated like children who must be in by 10pm or get punished.

  5. AV reading the Old Testament? Looks like it had no effect on him. Still an old supporter of a Pussy grabbing, Racist, Cynical guy named Trump. Talk about a Total Hypocrite. Where in the old Testament does it tell you to believe in an Imbecile, sex fiend like Trump??

  6. Books like the Bible and the Koran were written by men. These men were superstitious and made up gods to explain things they didn’t understand.

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