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WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson’s advice for the coronavirus pandemic? ‘Stay the f— at home’

LOS ANGELES, California -- Samuel L. Jackson unveiled a new poem titled "Stay the [Expletive] at Home" on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The poem, which the actor read from his house, implores viewers to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic and acts as a sequel to author Adam Mansbach's 2011 book, "Go the [Expletive] to Sleep."

Jackson famously narrated "Go the [Expletive] to Sleep" and received this new poem from Mansbach.

"If you want things to get back to normal don't panic, just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face and stay the [expletive] at home," Jackson read.

"Sure you can still see your friends, use the mother [expletive] app on your phone. But unless you just ran out of groceries, please stay the [expletive] at home," he continued.

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