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Borderland medical students recruited to assist frontline doctors and nurses

EP MedCorps

EL PASO, Texas -- The ongoing coronavirus surge being seen all across the Borderland is forcing thousands of healthcare workers that are still in training to hurry to the front lines to provide relief to over-stressed doctors and nurses.

The EP MedCorps program is working to help facilitate that transition and save lives alone the way.

“We are sending volunteers as the hospitals and the alternative care sites tell us that they need them, but really this group intended to be a community effort for any healthcare crisis moving forward," said Director of the EP MedCorps program Emily Hartman.

EP MedCorps is currently working to recruit young healthcare volunteers in training for this current crisis, and to have a reserve built up for future emergencies.

“We are sending folks to be runners," said Hartman. "Whatever is needed from point A to point B within the hospitals. We are sending nurses and really. whoever tells us there is a need. We look at our volunteer list, we try to match up the right people with the right opportunities.”

At EP MedCorps, no one goes unused regardless of their skill set

“We’ve had folks from the community, students volunteer and nursing students and medical students," said Hartman. "Anyone who is willing to help, we will find an opportunity for you.”

They do this knowing that for every task they take on, it is one less piece of work for those already stressed doctors and nurses.

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.


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