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University Medical Center sees shorter lines at mega-site for virus vaccinations

UMC vaccination site
Tents set up at UMC to house the hospital's mega-vaccination site .

El Paso, Texas -- Some patients waiting for their Covid-19 vaccinations at University Medical Center had to wait in long lines in the cold for their shots this week. But by Wednesday those lines were shrunken.

Ryan Mielke, a spokesperson for UMC, told ABC-7 "that those receiving vaccines today had to arrive at their scheduled appointment time... not any earlier."

As a result, lines moved at a steady pace and alleviated any backup seen on Monday and Tuesday.

Everyone who was contacted to receive their vaccine had a very short notice, receiving phone calls just an hour or so before they were scheduled to have their shots.

Mielke wanted to offer reassurance, though, to those who get a phone call but can't make their appointment on a short notice.

"We will move to the next person in line. However, we will call back when we comb back through the list," Mielke stated.

Meanwhile, those who did get shots Wednesday like Aurrora Chacon and Patty Garcia were feeling grateful.

Chacon was joined by her great-grandson who helped her make the walk from their car to the medical tents where she got her vaccine.

Chacon telling ABC-7, "I was worried about everything going on in the world. Now that I have my vaccine, I feel way more at ease."

Garcia is an El Paso Independent School District employee who was set to return to the office Thursday.

"I was really anxious about going. But you know this alleviates a little bit of it," Garcia said.

Mielke said second doses for those being vaccinated this week will be administered at the El Paso County Coliseum next month by appointment only.

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