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In His Own Words: UTEP’s Randy Culpepper On Possibly Missing Out On NBA Due To Strike

Editor’s Note: UTEP guard Randy Culpepper, who is majoring in electronic media, wrote a piece for Borderzine on the possibility of an NBA work stoppage keeping him from his NBA dream.

New talent may have to put their pro dreams on hold a while longer if the NBA goes on strike for the 2011 season, which would be a new example of another professional sports letdown.

Unless a new agreement is reached, the second NBA work stoppage in about a decade would take place in September 2011. How will the players who are still in college feel about this situation?

From my personal experience as one of these college basketball players I find the NBA lockout as a true misfortune. I can?t help but question why this is happening at the time of my graduation. I?d like to believe that I will have the opportunity to throw my hat into the draft, but reality is making me wonder if I?m going to get my chance.

Read Culpepper’s full column here.



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