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Jury sentences ex-Border Patrol supervisor to 99 years in prison for attempted capital murder

Update: Former Border Patrol supervisor Alberto Montelongo sentenced to 99 years in prison and $10,000 fine after being convicted of attempted capital murder. He also received 10 years on continued family violence conviction and another $10,000 fine.

It is not immediately clear if the sentences will run concurrently or separately.

Original Story: El Paso jurors are now deliberating the sentence for Alberto Montelongo.

Montelongo, a former Border Patrol supervisor, was convicted Tuesday of attempted capital murder and continued family violence.

Montelongo faces up to 99 years in prison.

In February, Montelongo held his estranged wife captive and shot her boyfriend in the head.

The boyfriend, Jesus Rodriguez, survived, but suffered permanent brain damage.

Several witnesses who knew Montelongo’s wife, Angelica Parra, testified Wednesday morning during the sentencing phase.

Montelongo’s brother and sister testified that he’s a good man at heart.

Montelongo then took the stand and asked for a second chance.

“I wasn’t thinking right about many things. For 11 years I haven’t been thinking right,” Montelongo said on the stand.

He says he found God while he’s been in jail and that has turned his life around.

Evidence was introduced that documents were found in Montelongo’s vehicle that he had accessed from a Border Patrol database. The documents were related to men who knew his wife.

Lucille Tovar, Rodriguez’s mother, testified that she knew her son was seeing Parra.

When she did not see him at a time she expected to, she said, “That’s the worst feeling you can ever have as a parent.”

Rodriguez survived the shooting and but had to have a large portion of his skull removed.

The bullet remains lodged in his head because the risk of aggravating his brain damage is too great if removal were attempted.

His mother says he suffers from headaches and has no short-term memory.

“I wish I had my son back the way he was,” she said.

He also suffers seizures, no longer has a social life and cannot go out with friends anymore.

Tovar said his daughter also wishes she could have her father back the way he was, but they know that’s not going to happen.



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