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New Mexico

Man shot dead by police after high-speed chase ends near Deming

A New Mexico State Police car and police tape are seen in this file photo.
A New Mexico State Police car and police tape are seen in this file photo.

DEMING, New Mexico -- A man died after being shot by a New Mexico State Police officer near Deming following a high-speed chase on Saturday evening, authorities said.

According to state police, the man had violated a temporary order of protection. His name was not released.

He initially led the Deming Police Department on a high-speed chase, leaving the city and entering the county, authorities said.

From there, the Luna County Sheriff’s Office took over the pursuit, according to state police. The man at one point got his car stuck, then exited the car with a gun and allegedly fired at least one shot, striking a deputy's window -- but the deputy was not injured.

Sheriff's deputies, state police and the U.S. Border Patrol then surrounded a bush where the suspect was hiding and still armed with the gun, a news release from authorities said.

According to police, officers gave the man multiple multiple commands to drop his weapon. At one point, an NMSP officer fired his AR-15 at the suspect, striking him and killing him.

The man died scene in the area of San Joaquin Road and San Acacia, according to state police.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. You notice they had to report he took the dirtbag out with an AR, instead of simply saying he had fired his service weapon? This is truly a Liberal way of expressing their dislike of the 2nd amendment,is’nt that right Mr. Parker?

    1. Lighten up. The original story as posted earlier made no mention of the perp dying, only that he had been shot. The story alluded the perp was still alive. The story needs to hit the airwaves RIGHT NOW, complete facts be danged!

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