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How will New Mexico’s marijuana legalization impact Texas? Border community police chief concerned

ANTHONY, Texas -- It may be April Fools Day, but legalizing marijuana in the neighboring state of New Mexico is no joke.

In a special session on Wednesday night, legislators approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico for those aged 21 and older.

The bill still has to be signed by the governor, but all signs are pointing to marijuana being legal in New Mexico come 2022. 

What will it mean for Texans?

Anthony Police Chief Carlos Enriquez is concerned many will blur the state lines and struggle to know where New Mexico ends and Texas begins.

“It’s going to create a bigger challenge for us,” Enriquez said. “Not only on the enforcement side but on the education side.”

Enriquez said the most important thing will be educating people that even though marijuana will be legal in Anthony, New Mexico - only a few feet away in Anthony, Texas it will still be illegal.

Rachel Phillips


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