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Congresswoman, urges caseworkers at Ft. Bliss Migrant Facility to pick up the pace

A view of the migrant facility set up on the grounds of Fort Bliss.
A view of the migrant facility set up on the grounds of Fort Bliss.

EL PASO, Texas-- The shelter at Fort Bliss meant to house migrant children, has El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar concerned for the children in it.

"I spoke with kids on Sunday girls who have not spoken to their case worker in two weeks that is absolutely unacceptable, unacceptable they told me their sponsors had no status of what their case work was," Congresswoman Veronica Escobar said.

The shelter is currently able to house 5,000 children there is now talk of doubling the capacity to 10,000 children. The Biden Administratoin worked to clear out the number of migrant children out of Border Patrol custody and into HHS. However, this facility, is quickly becoming crowded, making it hard to keep an eye on all children there.

"There are rows and rows of bunks hundreds of boys sleeping in one tent, its not good for their physical health, it's not good for their mental health and I don't think it is possible to adequately supervise," Escobar said.

The tent is supposed to be a middle ground between CBP custody, and the children's sponsors home. However, with more and more children coming to the U.S./Mexico border, the Biden administration is now faced with having to increase an already packed facility. Still, Congresswoman Escobar, prefers these children be housed at Fort Bliss rather than CBP custody, she wants more to be done.

"In many ways it is far better for them they are safe they are in an instillation where they are protected but I do believe those tents need to be much smaller for their safety for their health and for the benefit of the staff as well," Escobar said.

With the possibility of the shelter expanding the population to 10,000 migrant children, Escobar would like to see officials pump the brakes.

"We need to get this site right before it gets expanded that's my view that is what I am going to insist on the reason why it might expand is because some of the other emergency facilities are shutting down," Escobar said.

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JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



    1. They need to send them back to where ever they came from. The last thing we need is a 10000 more criminals mooching off the US taxpayers.

  1. Veronica, if you don’t like how things are progressing, get your own worthless keester down here and show them how it should be done! All mouth and no substance.

  2. Lol. Process them HOME. They don’t belong here. They’re illegal aliens.
    Their home countries NEED THEM. We don’t. We have our own kids to help. Buh bye.
    Vero, you’re a bad joke. Trump had the border WORKING WELL. Now, it’s screwed up.

  3. Every damn thing liberal politics sticks their nose in they fuck up royally. We’re stuck with you so could you please do something right!!!!

  4. Nothing moves fast on easy street. Just look how long it took to build the hospital. 15-20years? Lol. Process them to become US citizens so we Dan pay for the above stay at home senoritas. They aren’t even 1/2 men.

  5. For all you white butt chapped losers….Veronica holds a position much higher than all you sit at home “bad representation of what men do”. Definitely not sit around and wait to get fed. So go to bed amd wake up early so you can get to your next handout “disability” appointment. Faulty ear plugs. Lol

    1. The only loser here is you Alberto. Escobar is a feckless libturd politician. The only reason she is in office is because nitwits like you voted for her.

    2. Vero lives across the street for me. I see her nearly everyday she’s not in D.C.
      You, on the other hand, see the projects and your EBT card at the bodega because you don’t drive.

  6. Veronica hold a high office position, makes more money, doesn’t have to respond to any of these losers, and, and, SHES HISPANIC! Arriba Veronica! Viva Veronica!!!!

      1. Alberto the rabid racist libturd. One of the voices in his head must be white. It probably beats him everyday. The reason why he hates whites.

          1. I Love everyone. Except madmike and his minions. All they do all dang day is trash the city and people that have afforded them a “sit at home” lifestyle. Bite the hand that feeds them. They are sooooooooo unhappy they can’t stand themselves.

  7. First, STOP THE BLEEDING. Close the border. For real. Not this “the border is closed” as we watch videos of people streaming across every day.

    Second, process them to go back to their home country. There is no way of knowing if their family or sponsors are actual family or what kind of people they are. How are we supposed to know? CPS is completely overwhelmed across the country now, how are we supposed to be able to watch over 10’s of thousands of more children?

    Third, stop traumatizing these children. This is for their parents- you’re teaching your children that it’s cool to send them off with traffickers and then to live with strangers for a “better” life. After being raped, abandoned, starved, and what other horrors? How many CHILDREN don’t even make it here.

    Fourth, education, medical care and housing. Schools are already overcrowded due to lack of teachers and buildings. Then adding 10’s of thousands of kids that don’t speak English and may have never set foot inside a school before? Medical care is insanely expensive. And we are in the midst of a shortage there, as well. And the housing market is in a bubble right now due to the crazy inflation.

    None of this is fair to the unaccompanied minors OR Americans and American children.

  8. “Pick up the pace”? Let’s get these 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ lodgings completed so the NON AMERICANS, aka ILLEGAL ALIENS can have what most REAL AMERICANS don’t!!! What REAL AMERICANS have that these “squatters” don’t is a TAX BURDEN to pay!!! 🖕🖕🖕

  9. Who inserted the comma into the headline? Why? Who writes and edits this schlock?
    Come on KVIA, pick up your Democrat propaganda game. At least get the punctuation correct.

  10. From a quick read of the above trumpite statements we get a perfect example of why Trump lost and why the Republican Party has been rendered impotent for at least the next two decades. Even then, its doubtful it will ever recover. Thanks to people who harbor these political leanings, we now have only one political party and that’s not good for the country.

    1. Because democrats HATE America and Americans, the constitution, liberty and freedom and everything else that puts America first?

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