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Group asking for money to bury child at busy El Paso intersections; Is it real or fake?


EL PASO, TEXAS- According to one of the group members they have left El Paso and headed to Arizona on Tuesday. One ABC-7 viewer said they saw the same people holding up the same signs in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday.

EL PASO, Texas- Viewers have notified ABC-7 of a group soliciting donations to bury a child in El Paso.

ABC-7 approached the group on the corner of Resler and Redd Road near Franklin High School.

A man by the name of "Giovanni" told ABC-7 that the child is his nephew and his name was David Asa; at the time the 5-year-old died of cancer.

Giovanni said they are collecting money in El Paso in order to send it to Sacramento, California where the rest of their family resides.

ABC-7 reached out to the Sacramento County's media relations head. Kim Nava said there was no record of an David Asa dying at 5-years-old of cancer.

Angela Parreno from the Sacramento County Coroner's Office told ABC-7 that there was no record of a 5-year-old David Asa that had died recently nor was there still a 5-year-old in their morgue awaiting burial.

Tulay Grecin White said on Facebook that the information from the group's sign did not check out.

"They were collecting money for this "funeral" since before heart melted when I saw the picture of a child....and we did donate quite handsomely if I may humbly add....but now I see they are still at it....clearly a scam. It's just sad that because of these crooks people will be hesitant helping the real needy ones."

Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. All these fking donation beggers!!! Get some life insurance, it’s cheap, 10-15 bucks a mont!h. I’m sure these welfare w.h..o.r.e.. s can afford that in what the g.o.ver.n.ment hands out to them. TAKE CARE OF THE LIFE YOU BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD!!!

    1. That’s the problem. Million of mothers having kids they can’t afford so they turn to the government for help; section 8, food stamps, Medicaid, free daycare, several thousand dollar tax refund.

      They should not get tax payer benefits until the child turns 18. It should be temporary. Also they be required to report their enormous tax refund as income. Finally, they shouldn’t receive more money/benefits because they have more children.

      Make the parents pay not the tax payer.

  2. Perhaps EP should deal with the root of the problem – The Panhandlers. Most are not homeless. Those pests on Yandel and Kansas ore an organized group. I’ve seen them get dropped off or picked up several times. They work in shifts. Useless idiots.

    1. I wonder where the WHITE TRA#$ always trying to speak badly of EL Paso actually live? You know these Klan boys don’t leave here, God Help them if I ran into them!

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