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El Paso woman has dedicated her life to helping migrants

EL PASO, Texas – An El Paso woman has dedicated her life to helping migrants who are seeking refuge in the United States.

Maria Sajquim de Torres, is part of the Caminar Contigo, a project of Jesuit Refugees Services. It’s a program that helps provide legal, mental, and psychological support to asylum seekers.

For the past 18 months she has been the the program manager for this new project.

However, Sajquim de Torres has been in this line of work for 30 years. She said she has made it her life's mission.

Those who work closely with her say she has helped hundreds of migrant mothers flee violence, poverty and discrimination.

She said she is grateful to be in this field of work.

“I am very thankful to be working with them, but especially I am humbled by the fact that I work serving migrants and refugees because it is a work that I really feel called to do,” she said.

Sajquim de Torres said that for the past three decades, her professional and personal life has consisted of working with them. She said this is a line of work that involves a collaborative effort.

"El Paso is a community of migrants and so I think that we are working to offer services for this group and we are also a community that welcomes migrants, so it is part of contributing to what the community is already doing.”

Those interested in the line of work that she is involved in can visit:

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  1. “El Paso Woman has Dedicated her Life to Aiding and Abedding Criminals”. There. Fixed it for you. They aren’t asylum seekers.

      1. You are right but how many asylum seekers are legit? Everyone can claim asylum. Also do asylum seekers receive tax payer money, section 8 and food stamps?

  2. So this enabler of illegals is proud to have dedicated her life to maintaining the high cost of healthcare, welfare, free schooling and violence to taxpayers. Isn’t that what cartels do? Smuggle illegals and drugs to this country?

  3. Thank you Maria for your true patriotism, decency, morality, and for all the help you’ve rendered to new Americans who will bring new strength to our nation as have immigrants for years.

        1. I agree. He doesn’t help Americans. He only butches abd complain about Americans but he doesn’t mind living in tax payer Section 8 and getting food stamps.

          He rather help illegals than helping Americans.

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