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El Paso mayoral debate & candidate profiles

(Editor's note: You can watch the entire debate in the video player above. The debate is in three segments, which is how it aired on TV.)

EL PASO, Texas -- With just a couple of weeks left before El Pasoans decide who will lead El Paso for the next four years, the candidates debated the issues on ABC-7 Xtra Sunday edition with host Saul Saenz.

Although there are six candidates vying for the position, four of those candidates met head to head.

Incumbent Mayor Dee Margo faced off with former mayor Oscar Leeser, attorney Veronica Carbajal and former city planner Carlos Gallinar.

The candidates discussed issues from the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2012 quality of life bond project cost overruns, the use of certificates of obligation to finish those projects, and the future of Duranguito.

El Paso Mayoral Candidate Questionnaires

ABC-7 asked the same sets of questions to the six mayoral candidates, below are links to their answers. Candidates whose names aren't linked will be updated once we've received their answers.

Your Voice, Your Vote

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



    1. No he didn’t do that because Texas mayors don’t have that authority. Hospital administrators did it as a last resort to make room for newly diagnosed covid patients. These moves were made after doctors consulted with the affected family members.

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