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Juarez reports 1st confirmed coronavirus case

city of Ciudad Juarez
MGN photo illustration
A view of the city of Ciudad Juarez.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Chihuahua's Health Department announced Tuesday that a 29-year-old man is the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the state.

The man arrived in Juarez on March 12 and self-quarantined. Officials said he traveled from Europe via Los Angeles.

The patient is now reported to be recovering at home under quarantine.

The agency's director, Jesus Enrique Grajeda Herrera, said the presence of COVID-19 was expected and he urged everyone to remain calm.

He also recomended limiting contact with others, suspending mass events and any non-essential activities.

"If you don't have to leave your home, don't. If you don't need to leave the city, don't," Grajeda Herrera said.

Eight others have tested negative already and the results of three more virus tests are pending, he added.

Brenda De Anda-Swann

Brenda De Anda-Swann is news director at ABC-7.



  1. My thoughts exactly K1DPR. J-town has over a million people. Half at poverty levels. Dismal healthcare and yet 1 person with the corona. What does that tell us? That they are taking more precautions than others abroad? Not likely. The flu is taking more lives over there than reported. The same here. No media tracking of the flu that kills more Americans than the corona but they just don’t report it. The Prez is doing the best anyone can. Has done more than obama during the swine flu in 2010. The swine flu took more lives in the first couple of days than the corona has so far.

    1. The Democrats and leftist media politicized the Wuhan coronavirus to bring President Trump down since Russian collusion and impeachment failed. The leftist media has already stated that they want this to be “Trump’s Katrina”. There is really no comparison between the coronavirus and H1N1. With H1N1 millions of Americans were affected and thousands died before Obama declared any emergency. No media induced hysteria because they loved him. My Barry is such a good boy. Regardless President Trump will be reelected in a landslide victory November 2020. Obama will go down in history as the worst U.S. President in history.

  2. So this city that is riddled with cartel murders on a daily basis is more concerned about a virus that could kill mostly the elderly or people with underlying illnesses? Amazing.

  3. Fero2A you caught something I missed. You are correct. These KVIA reporters leave very much to be desired on good reporting. How KVIA hired these less than bright graduates is a mystery. So much for higher education if this is all these grads have to offer. I trust a mechanic from Western Technical Institute before I trust one of these dumbfounds of reality on good reporting.

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