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‘We can get into a bigger problem’: Juarez virus deaths at 266, cases over 1,200

Residents of Juarez wear face masks while out in public in the city.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- It was a deadly month of May from coronavirus in the city of Juarez, Chihuahua state health officials noted Monday.

As it enters June, Juarez has tallied 266 deaths and 1,263 cases to date.

The city is responsible for the majority of infections and fatalities in the state, which totaled 331 deaths and 2,252 cases as of Monday.

Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral cautioned that while the state will be moving into what he called the "economic reactivation stage," things will be done very gradually because a serious virus threat continues to exist in northern Mexico.

“This is not the time to go out on the street. We need to gradually recover our activity. It cannot be hit and miss, because we can get into a bigger problem than we have faced, "he said.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.


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  1. Mr Governor of Chihuahua. The slower you let your people out of their homes the slower your economy improve. Get back to living and earning a living. Latest study being reported by ABC, the lock down has not stopped the virus or had any impact in stopping the spread. The only thing you stop in lock downs is the progress of your people and economy in your country.

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