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U.S. Border Patrol agent arrested in Juárez, cache of ammunition seized

border patrol agent arrest mexico
Chihuahua state government
Among the items seized by Mexican authorities during the arrest of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
border agent personal car
Chihuahua state government
A U.S. Border Patrol agent's car as it was searched by authorities in Juarez.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- An off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent was arrested by Mexican authorities earlier this month when they allegedly found a cache of firearm ammunition in his personal car after he crossed into Juárez from El Paso.

The incident happened in the early morning hours on Aug. 4 at the Bridge of the Americas, according to a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Chihuahua state government officials said 30 rounds of ammunition, a loaded firearm magazine and a bullet proof vest bearing the Border Patrol insignia were seized from the car after a routine search at their border checkpoint.

The arrested agent was released the next day following what CBP described as a "series of meetings between U.S. and Mexican authorities."

Neither Mexican officials nor the CBP indicated if the agent offered a reason for crossing the border with the arms.

The CBP declined to answer further questions about the incident, including whether the officer faced any disciplinary action as a result of the arrest in Mexico.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. 30 rounds is a “cache” of ammunition now? That’s a little over half a box! If that’s the case, we’re all in trouble! LOL Must be a liberal snowflake who wrote this. 😒 Sheesh.

    1. Come on it’s OK to name him. KVIA’s Jim Parker has a vivid imagination. Don’t forget you have to add the ammo in the loaded magazine. Probably around 15-17 rounds of 9mm. LMAO.

    2. I usually have my SIG P-226 in my vehicle, with three 15 round magazines, making it 45 rounds of ammunition. Does half-wit Jim Parker think that is a “cache”?

      1. I’ll give Jim Parker an exclusive on what a real ammo cache looks like. BTW – He thinks the intersection of Fred Wilson at Dyer is the entrance to McKelligon Canyon. He never submits corrections to his articles.

      1. Same here and that includes a Smith & Wesson 500 .50 cal handgun that I use for hunting. The 700 grain bullets will make him crap his pants.

          1. Nope. Unlike you I passed all the NICS background checks which include mental for my guns moron. Plus fully blessed by the State of Texas with a LTC. You?…..crickets? Also a DOD security clearance. You’re an idiot!

          2. This is Texas you dolt! Get out of your libtard bubble. Texas is so pro 2nd Amendment you don’t belong here. Move to Venezuela you communist. BTW – Aren’t you the one with mental problems?

          3. Listen up pervert, you aren’t even allowed to be in possession of one round of ammo. All you have is your pathetic little bat.

  2. He didn’t have a weapon. That’s a small enough amount of ammo, he could have forgotten about it. The bullet proof vest would be considered part if his uniform.

    1. Typical items you would find in an off duty leo’s vehicle. Mexico getting their panties all in a bunch for two spare mags when cartels display hundreds of automatic weapons and hundreds of armored vehicles on social media. What a joke they are.

      1. You and I usually don’t ever agree on many things BUT on this story I totally agree with you. There are HUGE signs before you enter Mexico that firearms/ammo are illegal.

    1. alberto pedo muerto what the hell is “paying their non educated price”? Snorting too much crap again I see. But gotta admit at least your’e consistent in being stupid.


      1. Not the point. Its unlawful to take ammunition or firearms into Mexico. As a Border Patrol officer, he knew this and he made a concious decision to violate that law. Disciplinary action will be forthcoming.

    1. True Steve. This agent will receive a good dress down for having that ammo in his trunk. Could have been left there unintentionally but BP agents should know better. No LEO should be so careless. Not even a sentila of a LEO’s uniform should ever be left in the trunk of a car. They leave themselves open to all sorts of trouble in a foreign country.

      1. Poor old Floyd over dosed. Autopsy revealed no trauma, no bruises, no sign of obstruction of airways. Found a cocktail of illegal drugs including fentanyl in his system. He was already on the way to room temperature when the enabler cop put his knee on Floyd’s neck. Cop was wrong and will be punished. Floyd already paid for his misdeeds. The hard way.

  4. Guys, come on. Trying to explain Mexican laws to these obstinate old Fools regarding Americans taking guns and Ammo across to Juarez is like trying to train toddlers to go potty. They won’t listen until the smell of dirty diapers makes them so sick they want to puke. They know better, but are like stubborn teenagers who think they know it all. I’m just waiting for the FBI to raid their houses full of Bazookas, 50 Cal Machine guns, Anti Aircraft guns, Ammo, and M60 Machine guns before their houses blow the neighborhood to hell in an accidental explosion.

  5. before going into Juarez you should double check your vehicle for illegal stuff. Especially if you carry guns and ammo….pretty dumb move by the agent

    1. Wakeup is right. He should have known better. There really is no debate here. Madmike, nadodave, and albertovalarde always want to argue when there is no argument. It confirms their mental instability.

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