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Juarez saw 4th deadliest year in 2020; only 5 days without killings

juarez violence

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- The city of Juarez experienced only five days without any homicides occurring during all of 2020, making it the fourth deadliest year of all time.

Officials indicated a total of 1,644 people were killed throughout the year that just ended, which was an increase of 145 murders from 2019.

Prosecutors told El Diario that nearly 80 percent of all the killings in 2020 were tied to disputes over drug territory by organized crime cartels.

The bulk of the killings involved shootings, the majority of which occurred on public roadways, officials said.

Nationally, figures provided by the Mexican military indicated cartel drug activity soared in 2020, with nearly a 500% rise in opiod production and smuggling efforts.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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