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Man hurling racial slurs at immigrants disrupts anti-Trump border wall protest in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas -- An El Paso protest against President Trump's visit to Texas to tout the U.S.-Mexico border wall was briefly disrupted Tuesday afternoon by a man who hurled racial slurs at the crowd and tried to agitate a fight, an ABC-7 news crew observed.

The confrontation occurred at El Paso's Chihuahuita Park, just off Santa Fe Street, where over dozen activists with the Border Network for Human Rights had staged what they called a "peaceful assembly" demanding a halt to Trump's border wall construction.

The man who charged into the protest group was shouting racial slurs at the crowd, calling undocumented immigrants "worthless." He could also be heard on video yelling: "Illegal aliens, get the f**k out of here."

The anti-Trump park protest came as the president was visiting the community of Alamo, in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, to inspect the completion of 400-miles of southern border wall.

The El Paso protesters contended the wall is a symbol of "hatred, xenophobia and white supremacy." But Trump in his remarks at Alamo maintained the wall has been crucial for securing the border and putting an end to “immigration chaos.”

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Don’t worry. Racist Nazi wall coming down. Those who approved it, worked on it, raised money for it, and still support it on the way to prisons. Human scum need to be removed from society.

      1. Yeah, you’re correct but it was more of a fence than a wall. That’s not a very good argument from me though. Semantics. I just want it down and immigration reform instituted to make such a monstrosity and eyesore completely unnecessary.

  2. The cops should of let him off to the crowd. Big mouth ahole talking trash only when surrounded by cops. Dang wannabe soldier. Worthless POS. At least he had more balls than Jeff Allen and madmike.

    1. You know NOTHING about racial slurs. Your whole life has been one of White Privilege. Even the most disadvantaged White person has a running start compared to any minority, and you know that. Racial slurs can be as simple as a group of Whites calling someone a *Mexican.* You live n El Paso where the majority of society is Mexican or Mexican American and you should have caught on by now to know what is considered a racial slur towards us. Or do you actually Care?

  3. Hey Kevin Lovell your minions did it again you deleted me when I asked you a direct question, sans curse words or demeaning language unlike your carnal Alberto so once again I ask, are you nothing more than a democratic shill or are you the head of a “NEWS” station that delivers the news not your opinion?

  4. WOW you minions are fast, less than an hour ago I made a comment on the female that was executed and you dropped the entire article, women wanted equal treatment under law and she got it. how long before this is gone ? Bye the way it’s funny how you leave this vile video up but then censor a legitimate question

    1. It’s like some guy posting death threats online and got two years in federal prison, but alberto posted this following threat and they didn’t notify the FBI.

      Going Foreword 123 says:
      January 5, 2021 at 8:54 pm
      Ill put you down and in the ground too!

  5. He’s probably carnals with Kevin Lovell and Jim Parker, when you have absolute power over something you’re pretty much untouchable, huh boys? We can voice our opinions as long as they agree with it, if not you get censored, huh boys?

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