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Migrant stash house discoveries in Borderland continue at unprecedented levels

Some of the 51 migrants found in an apartment being used as a stash house.
Some of the 51 migrants found in an apartment being used as a stash house.

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso's U.S. Border Patrol sector chief says the region continues to be plagued by human smuggling.

As ABC-7 has previously reported, there has been an unprecedented number of stash houses discovered around the Borderland.

Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez said the latest stash house raid happened Friday when agents found 51 migrants crammed into an apartment. And just the day before that, she said 64 migrants were found in three separate stash houses in the El Paso area.

As of last week, the chief said border agents in the El Paso sector had busted 195 stash houses so far this year. That compares to 66 such raids during all of last year.

A total of about 1,800 migrants have been found in this year's stash house discoveries.




  1. My opinion: If illegals are found stashed at a home, after they’re arrested and removed, burn the house to the ground! Each and every one. Pretty soon folks won’t want to chance their home becoming a pile of cinders!

      1. White supremacists are less than 1% of the population are no threat to any one. Less than the number of people killed by the China Virus and no where near as many as the racist democrats who are over 40% of the US population.

      2. Do you think that human trafficking is a good thing? Do you support slavery? Because that is what is happening. Why else are so many crammed into a hotel room or apartment? If they paid to get across the border than they would be free to go, right? Not held prisoner.

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