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Border reopening expected to boost downtown El Paso businesses

EL PASO, Texas -- With the U.S.-Mexico border set to open in November to non-essential travel, it's expected that businesses in El Paso's downtown area will begin to boom again.

Hector Ayala, the owner of Premier Uniforms, told ABC-7 that he thinks his business will increase by around 20%.

Ayala opened up the downtown location mere months before the pandemic began, and got to experience firsthand the type of business non essential travelers brought to the store.

In those beginning months, Ayala told ABC-7 they had two tables out the front of the store full of stock that people used to swarm and buy goods from.

"As they closed the bridge, that died out," Ayala said, explaining that he expects a reversal of fortunes with the border reopening. "It's going to be good for the walk-ins, we have our regulars but the walk-ins that come and look and buy on impulse, that's going to increase, I know it."

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