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Attorney couple were intended victims in central El Paso shooting that left wife dead, husband hurt

central el paso shooting
Police at a shooting scene in the 3000 block of Copper in central El Paso.

UPDATE, Nov. 18: Police on Wednesday said it appeared a married couple who were shot, one fatally, at their central El Paso home were the targets of their attacker.

"There is no indication at present time that any other person was the intended victim of this crime," police said in a statement that didn't elaborate.

It remained unclear whether the deadly shooting of Georgette Kaufman, and wounding of her husband Daniel, had any connection to their jobs with the state attorney general's office handling child support enforcement. Police have offered no motive in the Saturday evening attack at 3010 Copper Avenue.

Investigators acknowledged no arrests so far and sought the public's help on Wednesday with potential leads in the case.

Authorities asked those who might have information about the attacks to contact Crimes Against Persons detectives at (915) 212-4040 or call Crime Stoppers of El Paso anonymously at (915) 566-TIPS (8477).

UPDATE, Nov. 17: The victims in a weekend shooting at a central El Paso home have been identified, both were lawyers who worked for the Texas Attorney General's Office handling child support enforcement cases.

50-year-old Georgette Kaufman was shot and killed, while her husband 48-year-old Daniel Kaufman remained hospitalized Tuesday in critical but stable condition.

The couple's 16-year-old son was in Dallas for a fencing tournament at the time of the shootings, according to his coaches. The teen has been staying with another relative since his return to El Paso on Sunday.

Police have not yet made any arrests in the attack.

ORIGINAL REPORT, Nov. 14: EL PASO, Texas -- A woman was killed and a man wounded in a shooting Saturday evening at a central El Paso home and police were searching for the gunman.

Detectives remained at the scene into the late night hours actively investigating the shooting, which took place in the 3000 block of Copper Avenue near Memorial Park.

Police said a woman was found shot dead at the house, while a 47-year-old man was wounded about 7:30 p.m. The survivor was hospitalized in stable condition.

Heavily-armed officers could be seen in the neighborhood following the shooting as they scoured the area and the nearby park looking for the shooter as a helicopter buzzed overhead.

A police spokesman said an arrest had not yet been made and authorities were continuing to look for "somebody that is outstanding."

Investigators did not indicate the relationship between the shooting victims or identify a potential motive for the attack.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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