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Canutillo ISD to resume school with online classes for at least a month

Canutillo ISD
The Canutillo ISD logo displayed at the school district's offices.

CANUTILLO, Texas – The Canutillo Independent School District said it will start off the new school year on Aug. 3 with online classes, known as remote learning, for at least a month.

The school district cited "upward trends in (coronavirus) infection rates" in announcing its plans on Friday, which officials said places an emphasis on safety.

"The district will deliver instruction through remote platforms until Labor Day. By Monday, September 7, 2020, the district will have communicated to parents whether to keep with 100% remote learning or continue with the reopening plans," Canutillo ISD leaders said in a statement.

While the district noted "this plan is subject to change depending on future guidance from health officials," here's what has been unveiled for the re-opening, which school leaders said was put together after surveying parents, faculty and staff...

  • At the elementary level, parents can elect to send their children to school for 100% face-to-face instruction or they can select the 100% remote learning option.
  • Middle schools and CHS High School students may choose 100% remote learning or hybrid. The hybrid model will allow students to come into schools on certain days and remain at home on other days.
  • NWECHS parents will receive information about their schedule from the campus.

Under the re-opening plan, officials said "during the first week of school, campuses will offer small groups of students the opportunity to come to school, meet their teacher, practice social distancing and review the safety protocols."

Canutillo ISD also indicated that "campuses will disseminate further information regarding learning models and the opening week activity."

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Jim Parker

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