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El Paso’s Health Authority drafting order to delay return to school classrooms by a month

EL PASO, Texas -- An order being prepared by El Paso City-County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza would prohibit any in-person classes by local school districts until after Labor Day in September.

That's according to both County Judge Ricardo Samaniego and Mayor Dee Margo, who told ABC-7 on Tuesday that Ocaranza's order was in the process of being drafted with their support.

Margo, in an interview with ABC-7, said the return to school needed to be delayed by a month because of the coronavirus surge.

He indicated that local leaders had heard from many parents and educators who didn't feel comfortable going back to the classroom in August.

Margo said El Paso-area school superintendents met Tuesday with city-county public health officials to discuss the situation.

Most El Paso County schools are currently slated to start the new school year on Aug. 3.

The order being prepared by Dr. Ocaranza would delay the potential return of students to classrooms by at least a month, but online classes - or remote learning as some districts call it - could still occur in August.

The Socorro Independent School District tweeted Tuesday that it was prepared to adjust plans accordingly based on the new health directive. Other school districts didn't immediately comment.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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  1. How are school districts supposed to plan when the “experts” keep changing their dang minds? Some schools are supposed to open in 3 weeks and NOW they have to change everything AGAIN.

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  2. Margo is completely ignorant on how to handle this virus. Closed off trails and Scenic Drive because people were better off confined? Thinking masks will in any way stop or slow the virus? And now delaying school….just……WOW.

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  4. The Mayor is limited in what the Governor will allow. A bunch of stupid eff heads here thinking he has carte blanche to set whatever he wants. Boy, you’re some ignorants dolts.

  5. The kids are the least vulnerable of all the people that get this deadly disease. They in reality are our future. Let them live for God’s sake. Keep us old farts safe while letting these beautiful kids go out and fight for us. That’s how you win a war. Which this is. We as experienced people and maybe can’t go out and fight the war but the younger generation can. Lets support them and win this. War is won by the young with guidance from the old.

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  6. Of all subsections of the population, children are the SAFEST, even if exposed..

    This is total OVERKILL motivated by politics, NOT SOLID SCIENCE. Read the damn data.

    Dee Embargo is running scared. Worst mayor ever. Not his fault, but the Walmart Massacre now mishandling the Wuhan/KungFlu? Double gut punch.

    Better off with Oscar the Grouch.


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