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Covid testing not required for Borderland students to return to classrooms

COVID-19 testing not required for students to return to classroom

EL PASO, Texas-- It's been a couple weeks since students across the Borderland re-entered the classroom.

All school districts are taking precautions to try to prevent an outbreak, but one thing that is not required is Covid-19 testing before entering the classroom.

ABC-7 spoke with parents who had mixed feelings about this detail.

"We feel really safe, satisfied and happy with what we've seen at Montwood High School and with SISD," said David Ayala, a parent of two Montwood High School students.

Socorro Independent School District, along with other school districts, have implemented new guidelines for students returning to in-person learning. Those guidelines include mask requirements, social distancing, limited capacity and quarantining of staff and students who report a positive test.

For Ayala these guidelines were enough to make him comfortable with sending his two daughters back.

"At this point, I'm trusting the school district that they're taking the necessary measures to keep everybody safe," Ayala said.

But some parents believe that the guidelines might not be enough.

"I've already gotten at least three emails from the school telling me that someone from the school came out positive whether it be a student or teacher," Elizabeth Calvillo said.

Despite these extra measures, Calvillo is still choosing to keep her daughter home.

"My daughter's school is very strict on how they're handling students participation at school," Calvillo said, "Not only do they have to wear a mask but they have to wear the shield as well and they cannot move from their desks, but even with all of those measures you're still having these positive cases come out."

When asked if they'd feel more comfortable with mandatory testing,
both parents had mixed reactions.

"It's an individual thing," Ayala said. "Everybody has a right to their own opinion and to their own feelings."

"I feel everyone should get tested -- not only the students but the teachers as well," Calvillo said.

One thing both parents agreed on is that every parent is entitled to their own personal decision.

"I may beOK with my daughters being tested," Ayala said. "And I may be OK with my daughters going to school but others may not."

"They've given us the option," Calvillo said, "And I still don't want her going back."

All three major school districts -- EPISD, SISD and YISD -- offer on-site rapid testing for students but those tests are not mandatory.

According to the city, over the last two weeks about 10,000 rapid tests were administered within the school districts.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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