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New video shows mystery man saving baby whose parents died in El Paso Walmart shooting

The mystery man from Walmart on Aug. 3 whom police describe as a hero.
The mystery man from Walmart on Aug. 3 whom police describe as a hero.

EL PASO, Texas -- He’s the mystery man that El Paso police claim pulled people to safety following the Aug. 3 mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart.

In a new, heart-stopping video obtained by The El Paso Times that has surfaced from that tragic day, you can see the mystery man cradling 10-week old Paul Gilbert Anchondo to safety as he's running out of the Walmart.

The baby’s parents had been shot and died trying to protect their son.

Police have been searching for this mystery man, whom the baby's grandfather Gilbert Anchondo describes as an angel. He believes it was an act of divine intervention that saved the child of his son and daughter-in-law.

"It was something heroic what he did and forever I will appreciate what he did, there are no word to describe his kindness,” Anchondo told ABC-7.  He added that he hopes the man comes forward “because I would like to thank him in person, hug him and tell him that he's a very special person in my life because he pulled my grandson out of there.”

Anchondo said he doesn't know how the crying baby got to the hospital after being rescued by the mystery man, but he is thankful his grandchild suffered only a broken finger and that this part of his family’s legacy has been preserved.

Estela Casas

El Paso native Estela Casas co-anchors ABC-7’s flagship newscasts.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Find this hero and award him the highest honor El Paso can bestow. If he was here illegally, give him a green card and allow him to become an American citizen. We need people like him. God Bless Him, whoever he is. That’s the kind of man I would have been proud to serve with in the military.

  2. Lemme see: older middle aged white guy, gray beard, ball cap.

    No dumb message tee-shirt, no silly tattoos, dumb earrings, nose rings, or other stupid crud – he’s an anonymous HERO.

    Ya, because he the face of America and a great example of the people WHO KEEP IT RUNNING.

    Thank you Sir.

    1. What can’t you just say thank you hero. Why do you always have to include negativity in your comments jamesben? What is wrong with you? Be grateful on Thanksgiving boo.

  3. La palabra HEROE se usa para todo en estos dias. Ese senor solo es un gran SAMARITANO a como Cristo nuestro senor quiere que seamos TODOS. El sintio la urgencia de sacar al nino del peligro sin pensar en su misma seguridad. Yo se como se siente ese acto cuando ay peligro y uno actua con valentia a riezgo de muerte o otras cosas malas que pueden pasar. Te saludo BUEN SAMARITANO! Yo de soldado en guerra y policia, te doy gracias por tu acto en que Dios te dara tu premio.

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