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El Paso

El Paso police, fire handle over 2,000 fireworks calls on July 4th

fireworks trash
Despite a ban on fireworks, trash was still found in far east El Paso from fireworks gatherings.

EL PASO, Texas -- Despite a ban on fireworks this Fourth of July weekend, that didn't stop El Pasoans from popping them.

The El Paso police and fire departments responded to 2,137 calls Saturday between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight, a city spokesperson told ABC-7. That figure includes the number of people reporting fireworks and the number of incidents related to them.

The City of El Paso did not tell ABC-7 how many, if any, citations were issued.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office told ABC-7 it would not have numbers on fireworks enforcement available until Monday.

Unlike El Paso County, southern New Mexico didn't put such restrictions on fireworks into place.

On both sides of the state line, trash could be found Sunday in some of the usual fireworks gathering spots including in Chaparral and behind the SAC in far east El Paso.

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Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.



  1. You have to realize these are probably the same idiots that voted for Bernie Sanders. El Paso has it’s fair share of morons and lawbreakers.

    1. I disagree. Bernie Bros hate America and everything it stands for. No way were they celebrating. It was the patriot Americans who love this country and are tired of our liberties being taken away by the left. God Bless America

        1. None. Politics is 99.99% local meaning President Trump does not affect our daily lives but obviously affects yours for some unexplained reason. Your TDS proves that.

      1. They weren’t celebrating. Just blowing off illegal fireworks. You can celebrate the 4th of July without personally blowing off fireworks. Good brat, hamburger or hot dog on the grill and family. I stopped doing fireworks when my kids grew up and left home.

  2. All I know is me and my kids sat in the backyard at our house in the west side and watched fireworks go off for at least an hour. Unlike previous years, we didn’t have scared pets coming to our yard. Usually get a dog or 2 every year that we track down owners for. I heard one siren. Pretty tame compared to previous years.

    1. Instead of kicked back in your backyard watching fireworks in your neighborhood I thought you would be ratting out your neighbors doing illegal fireworks. Steve on Resler is an enigma.

  3. Many people have been subdued on our nation’s birthday because its starting to become more and more evident that we elected a madman to the Presidency in 2016. Since there is no head of state, our enemies are jockeying for the world leadership place we used to hold.

    1. Your TDS makes you look like a total idiot. What most likely affected this 4th of July, if any, in El Paso like other cities was the COVID-19 pandemic and the city/county making fireworks illegal. You think? Regardless patriotic Americans unlike you celebrated the 4th of July while you were hiding in your basement. Only leftists/libtards like you were most likely subdued since you are anti-American in the first place. Communist!

      1. Everything you said is just ass-backwards from reality as usual. Please look up the definition of “communism” sometime today.

        1. You are ass backwards. I know a communist when I see one. I’ve seen them up close and personal serving my country. You meet that definition perfectly. Now crawl back to your basement you communist.

          1. You’re an idiot and an embarrassment to all who have served our once great country. Look up the definition of communism you moron.

          2. AV running off at the Mouth as usual. Son, you are Too Wound Up to make any sense. You remind me of people in the 1950s who called anybody they didn’t like a Communist. Pretty sure King George III of Britain didn’t call the protesting colonists Communists back in the days of powdered wigs, but King Trump the Retarded calling protesters Nazis today sounds as crazy as you and your 3rd grade Education.

          3. No. You are the idiot. I see I hit a nerve. lmao. You never served your country did you moron? Therefore you are a communist. Card toting member of the CPofA.

          4. Schizo Ux2ydrna stepping in to defend his communist schizo buddy markturner. Markturner is too upset since I called him a communist. In psychotic mode. LMAO.

  4. These Righr Wing Idiots are an embarrassment to themselves and their long suffering families. Imagine telling your family that people who pop firecrackers were not Celebrating. Instead they were just a bunch of Leftists trying hard to rob Americans of their Liberties. Tell you what. If these people had brains they’d be dangerous.

  5. Ever try arguing with a Retarded Lunatic? Try arguing with AV. It’s like asking a Rock to think and speak.Takes after his Daddy Trump.

  6. AV your so-called insults don’t hit anybody’s nerve. They are so funny and stupid that they amuse me. Try making sense in order to make your point,ANY point,please.

  7. I just wish they would look up the definitions of communism, socialsm, and marxism. Then it would be nice if they would list all the “liberties” they have lost due to “leftists”.

    1. You should look up the definitions hypocrite. They fit you to a T. Leftists want to deprive Americans of their liberty. Like anarchists care about your liberty?

  8. Its beginning to look as if we are, in fact, experiencing a King George III moment in the Oval Office. If he has to be removed from office before November 3, they will have to put Pence in the chair and he will spend his time talking to Jesus like a lunatic instead of governing. Maybe that would be a good thing and would prevent him from further denigrating our position on the world stage.

    1. Nope. You are so delusional. What happened to Russian collusion? The impeachment? The COVID-19 killing him? All failed. What will you libtards think of next. When the dust settles Biden will lose.

    2. Like Obama enhanced it? He couldn’t even beat ISIS in the Middle East. Gave in to Iranian blackmail. President Trump beat ISIS and Iran. Good Rapture UAV hit on one of it’s terrorist leaders.

  9. Nothing wrong with popping fireworks during the 4th moron. But when the city and county has banned popping fireworks that is a different story. Those fire trucks and EMS were called for a reason. It’s called putting out fires and helping people getting hurt due to stupidity in handling pyrotechnics. Speaking of families yours must hate you.

  10. I’d like to put ALL the scared dogs in a big pen and let the dogs have their pound of flesh from these POS! No problems with fireworks away from the city, but the f.,k.,tards consideration for others is pathetic! If you shot fireworks in neighborhoods, F. O .,A., D!!!

  11. All the Right Wingers voting in November for a guy whom his own Niece says that he his cognitive abilities are stuck at 3 years old. Yeah, we knew that. Just tell his groupies what garbage they’re voting for. Monkey see, monkey do Right Wingers are going to find someone else to run against President Biden in 2024. #BIDEN/HARRIS2020. GO DEMOCRATS!!

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