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El Paso

Litter, trash problems plague El Paso’s famous Scenic Drive

EL PASO, Texas -- Residents are getting upset with a rather smelly situation that is developing along El Paso’s famous Scenic Drive.

An official sign posted at one of the community areas meant for families to gather and enjoy the beautiful view says the picnicking is prohibited.

But nonetheless, piles of discarded popcorn bags, pizza boxes, beer bottles and more continue to grow, as does overflowing trash cans.

And after baking in the hot sun, what looks bad smells even worse.

“This is my first time coming up here and I am surprised that the area looks like this," said El Paso resident Natalie Jones. "It does not smell good at all."

In addition, countless broken bottles litter the area and nearby walking trails. All types of trash can be found around the popular family gathering place.

“El Paso is known for its mountains so it is said to see it being a mess everywhere," said another resident, Jackie Ibarra.

Some residents familiar with the area said this is far from the first time they have seen it like this.

Scenic Drive sits in in District 1 represented by City Council member Peter Swarzbein.

Swarzbein said he and his staff are aware of the problem and are looking into a solution.

El Paso city government also issued this official response:

The City was notified of the trash and graffiti today which staff will address according; however, it is disappointing that some persons would be so destructive of our scenic public spaces. We strongly encourage anyone to report these types of concerns by calling the police non-emergency numbers at 915-832-4400, or call 3-1-1.”

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Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. I love El Paso. But people here are the biggest slobs I’ve ever seen. Nowhere else that I’ve ever lived has the trash and filth blowing and laying around the neighborhoods or scenic areas like El Paso does. People here have no civic, neighborhood, or community pride. The attitude seems to be- Eh, not my problem. No responsibility at all. Trash laying around your streets or yard? “Not my problem. I’m not gonna pick it up.” Shameful.

  2. El Paso the “trashiest” city in the west. That is the comment I hear the most. I was in Sturgis when a couple had noticed my “Miners” jacket and all they could talk about was the friendliest people living in the dirtiest city they had ever been in. As far as Swarzbein goes he’s a clown

  3. Part of the trash problem is the city’s “no touch” waste disposal.

    Recycle cans usually weigh next to nothing. The pick up time varies, they could pick up at 6:00 AM or the could pick up at 4:00PM. Lately they have been picking up very early in the morning, meaning you have to put your cans out the night before.

    So, you put a can full of “recyclables” out at night (right before the winds start) and the next morning guess what? You go outside after you hear the truck go by and there’s you can (blown over) and the street covered with the neighborhoods trash because everyone’s can blew over. The driver “can’t” get out and pick it up (union/city rules). So that trash migrates around the city.

    Drive outside the city and you’ll see the desert covered with all types of trash. It’s not the trashes fault, it’s the city’s waste disposal plans fault.

  4. EP has a litter issue no doubt. A lot of it is orphaned garbage from dumpsters and residential garbage cans. The Scenic View situation is sad. The city obviously doesn’t empty the garbage as it should and the litterbugs are a plenty. Some volunteer groups and using the community service convicts could help to clean it up and then a push to keep it clean.

  5. “El Paso has the worst drivers, trashy, Bla Bla Bla….”. But you live here you bunch of losers! And you feed here!!!! Didn’t you have another option in life? Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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