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Cat stuck under an El Paso freeway for days is safely rescued, will be put up for adoption

UPDATE, Jan. 1: A cat stuck for days underneath the freeway along Interstate 10 at Hawkins was successfully rescued on New Year's morning after days of efforts by El Paso firefighters, police and animal services officials.

Authorities said they were finally able to lure the kitty into a trap with food about 9:30 a.m. on Friday and safely remove it.

The animal will get any needed medical attention at the city shelter before being put up for adoption to a good home.

ORIGINAL REPORT, Dec. 31: EL PASO, Texas -- An effort was underway on New Year's Eve to rescue a cat stuck underneath the freeway on Interstate 10 right next to the Fountains at Farah.

The El Paso Fire Department and Animal Services were trying to lure the cat inside a cage trap with food, but had no immediate luck.

A passer-by Good Samaritan also attempted to get the cat to latch on a piece of cloth, but his attempt failed too.

Animal Services officials advised that people who aren't professionals should avoid trying to rescue the cat, because it could be dangerous for both the animal and for human beings.




  1. Guess the less expensive animal rescue tax funded program is having an early New Years celebration! So let’s activate expensive resources to save a wild cat. That shows the lack of leadership and abuse of taxpayer funds. I just hope a firefighter doesn’t slip off the edge and then we have a double whammy. When you are given a blank check you spend irresponsibly.

  2. Leave the dang cat alone. He’ll figure it out or it’s roadkill. Wtf are you gonna do with it if you catch it? They are going to take it to the pound and get slaughtered.

  3. It’s gotta sleep sometime. And when it does seize it. Its collared & Cornered and afraid. It takes a cat to draw out a cat because cats are naturally suspicious of humans. And generally hesitant to come when called. Download the Cat Sounds app and lower the cellphone near tbe cage. And Pray.

  4. She has a collar around her neck. A pair of binoculars get information off collar and contact her master who’s voice she might recognize & respond to unhesitatingly.

  5. How about go rescue all the dogs tied up in this cold weather! Don’t go out and perform an activity for self advancement. It’s bullshit.!!

  6. Tax money isn’t the issue here. Fire fighters pay wasn’t raised for this call. This little creature being rescued and kept from harm is an act of decency. Thank you EL Paso Fire. If you need to raise my taxes for this little furry person, go ahead. I’ll gladly pay!

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