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El Paso Strong muralist seeks to pay tribute to slain Texas soldier Vanessa Guillen

Gabriel Vasquez
Conceptualization of a mural planned in El Paso to honor Vanessa Guillen.

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso is familiar with his work and now he wants the community's help in finding a location for a new mural to express grief over the killing of a Texas soldier.

Gabriel Vasquez is the artist behind the El Paso Strong mural, which he created after the Aug. 3 mass shooting that claimed 22, now 23, lives.

He said Wednesday that he now has his heart set on honoring another life taken too soon - U.S. Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen.

The Army Criminal Investigations Division has said another soldier bludgeoned Guillen to death at Fort Hood and later dismembered her and buried the remains in a nearby wooded area.

Vasquez said he hopes a mural like the one he is planning will send a message to the Guillen family.

"I'm really sorry for what happened to Vanessa, because she was a beautiful person. Her passion was to protect and uphold the freedom that I have to do this (paint murals), so this is what i want to do for her," Vasquez told ABC-7.

Vasquez said the community supplied the paint needed for the mural, so now he just needs a location.

He said he hoped Fort Bliss might allow the mural to go somewhere on post.

Trisha Garcia

Trisha Garcia is an ABC-7 producer.



    1. Don’t let the BLMers hear or read what you just said. They’ll go to your section 8 housing, drag you out and make you beg for your measly life (such as it is). You don’t matter is their motto.

    1. The police already reciprocate foolish alberto muerto. Every day they protect all of us, and yes even your worthless non-paying tax evader living on social security.

  1. Sad that she was murdered. But I fail to see the El Paso connection. Am I missing something? She was born and lived in Houston so why the fuss here? And wasn’t she was murdered by a black?

    1. Probably because she was a Latina and LULAC other leftists somehow got involved. Her relatives wanted Ft Hood permanently closed which is ridiculous. That will never happen. Sad story but they lost my pity.

      1. It’s bad enough the leftist cancel culture wants to rename Ft. Hood but get rid of it completely? Just when you thought that they couldn’t get more delusional and rabid.

  2. A mural somewhere on Ft. Bliss? Wishful thinking. Her death was a tragedy but El Paso and Ft. Bliss have no connection to her. Her race doesn’t matter.

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