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U.S. to withdraw troops from Germany under shakeup sought by Trump

u.s. troops withdraw Germany

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. defense officials say the U.S. will pull roughly 12,000 troops out of Germany, bringing about 6,400 forces home and shifting 5,400 to other countries in Europe.

The plan will cost billions of dollars and take years to complete. It has been spurred on by President Donald Trump’s demand to withdraw troops from Germany, at least in part due to its failure to spend enough on defense.

U.S. officials say some moves will begin in months and would likely send air and ground forces to countries that already have an American troop presence.

The plan leaves about 25,000 troops in Germany.

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  1. Our troops aren’t going anywhere. Secretary Esper might slow poke some minor movements but it will only be temporary until Joe Biden can repair all the damage the orange buffoon has done to our relationships with our allies. Then, Biden will most like increase our presence in all countries facing Russia. Everybody knows the orange buffoon is only pulling another treasonous act to help his buddy Putin.

  2. I was stationed in Germany for a total of eight years, and we all knew then, that the Russians weren’t going to attack anyone. NATO has been a joke since the late 80’s. They will move to Poland, who actually wants military support. NATO simply used the US to fund them.

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