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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says America’s Team wants to be ‘Mexico’s Team, Too!’

DALLAS, Texas -- Traditionally known as "America's Team" for nearly 50 years, the Dallas Cowboys are now seeking to become "Mexico's Team, Too."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is speaking out about what he views as the importance of expanding the team's brand into Mexico, adding that the Cowboys would be willing to give up some future home games to play games in Mexico.

“I would do that to make sure that Mexico and our Mexican fans everywhere understand what our Mexican fans mean to us, Jones explained in a newly-released video from the Cowboys organization. (You can view the entire video in the player atop this article.)

“Mexico is Dallas Cowboys,” he continued. “We want to play games down there. Preseason games and regular season games in the future."

Jones' comments came after the Cowboys recently announced they were among a number of teams given license to expand marketing efforts into Mexico as part of the NFL's international outreach.

In a statement on the team's website, the Cowboys lay claim to having the top NFL club fan base in Mexico. The Cowboys noted that dating back to the 1960s, it was the first NFL team to broadcast their games in Spanish.

The Cowboys have previously played four preseason games on Mexican soil that drew large and enthusiastic crowds, a fact that wasn't lost on Jones as he seeks to play more games there.

"We have a deep appreciation for our fans in Mexico, as their passion for the Cowboys has been felt from our preseason games played in both Mexico City (three times) and Monterrey (once)," he said. "We're always looking for ways to enhance engagement with our fans in Mexico and are grateful the League has recognized that the Cowboys are uniquely positioned to help grow the game of football in Mexico while growing our community of Cowboys fans."

One of those preseason games, played at Mexico City's famed Azteca Stadium in 1994, drew an attendance of 112,376 – making it the largest international crowd in history.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. you only saw the cowboys as america’s team back in the 70’s if you were from dallas. the rest of us laughed at the thought. and even back then it was the cheerleaders that made them so popular. they never were america’s team and they never will be. if mexico wants them, mexico can have them

    1. Clearly somebody does. My understanding is that they’re the most valuable franchise in sports. Some idiots out there are still spending their hard earned money on his merchandise.

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