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Herrell co-sponsors bill that could strip universities of federal funds if they mandate vaccines

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Southern New Mexico Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell has signed her name to a bill that could end some federal funding to New Mexico State University.

The We Will Not Comply Act, introduced by controversial Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, says no federal dollars can go to any school -- from elementary, to colleges and universities -- that enacts a Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

NMSU announced this week that it will require vaccinations for all faculty and staff, and is considering whether to mandate shots for students.

The bill is extremely unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled U.S. House -- if it’s ever brought up for a vote.

The bill would also allow people to file lawsuits against businesses that require vaccinations, and bars vaccination to be required by air carriers.




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