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WATCH: Biden news conference after summit with Putin

GENEVA, Switzerland — U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have concluded their high-stakes summit in Geneva.

The pair met for nearly four hours on Wednesday, first in a smaller session and later in a larger meeting that included more officials from both sides and which lasted about 65 minutes.

Biden held a news conference before departing the summit site.

He told reporters that the two men sat across the table at their meeting site talking through each issue “in excruciating detail.” At the end of that, “we looked at each other like, ‘Ok, what next?’’’ Biden said. “We had covered so much.”

The meeting came with diplomatic relations at a very low level, but Putin described the meeting as productive too.

Putin, in remarks that came at his news conference, described the tone of the talks as “constructive” and said there was no hostility.

“Our assessment of many issues differ, but in my view both sides demonstrated the desire to understand each other and looks for ways to get closer," Putin said. He called the talks with Biden “rather constructive.”

ABC News

Associated Press



  1. How much more of this embarrassment do we have to suffer at the hands of this feeble old man that can’t remember to take his metamucil? That russian “killer” as bidumb has called him (when he talks tough) now he backs off the truth and basically kisses his ass. We as a country are screwed and it will by these socialist-communist liberal’s that are destroying my country

  2. its gonna be hilarity as putin absolutely destroys the senile traitor. biden couldnt match wits with a dog turd, much less someone like putin

    1. The senile traitor met with Putin about 3 years ago and said he believed Putin over career field operatives (not political appointees). I’m no Biden fan at all but face it, the senile traitor now lives at his resort in Florida. You know, they guy who tried to strong arm states into overturning a valid and fair election?

      1. No Biden fan? Come on man Biden is your President. You voted for that senile old bastard. BTW – Your TDS never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Putin is not sure how to proceed now that his home boy, the cheeto man, is no longer in office. This new guy believes his intelligence apparatus. Not good for the Russians. We won’t be seeing another embarrassing news conference where our president sides with the enemy.

    1. Putin knows exactly how to proceed. Bidens already rewarded Putin for the cyber attack. Putin will walk all over us and get whatever he wants because Biden is weak and incompetent and Putin knows it.

    2. I spent over two years assigned to the American Embassy, and my office sponsored an international law enforcement conference where Putin was the guest speaker. Putin will walk all over Biden.

  4. Trumpites nervous for no reason. One thing we do know. Biden will not side with the enemy like the orange menace did nor will he sell out our intelligence community.

  5. High 5ing Putin. “During his first interview with an American news organization in three years, Russian President Vladimir Putin told NBC News on Monday he views President Joe Biden as a political “career man” prone to hollow “macho” posturing.” Now that’s funny. LMAO. BTW – You can take off the shades now Joe.

  6. “Trump is an Extraordinary …Talented…Colorful Individual…Biden is Radically Different” – Russian President Putin When Asked about Joe Biden.” NBC News. June 11, 2021

  7. “Did You Order Assassination of Woman Who Walked Into Congress?” – Putin Calls Out US for Political Persecution of Jan. 6 Protesters.” NBC News. June 11, 2021

    1. Wow. Another anti Law Enforcement poster showing his/her true colors. I’m sorry she’s dead but if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

      1. You are a poor excuse for a human being. She was on a mostly peaceful protest. No matter how you spin it she was murdered plain and simple by a trigger happy inept person. The same incompetent idiot that lost his Glock in a bathroom. You win the stupid contest.

  8. Obviously dementia Joe didn’t say jack to Putin about why his Russian Navy is having provocative exercises two hundred miles from Hawaii. Putin is laughing all the way to the bank.

  9. That “summit” was one of the most embarrassing moments in history, biden is an idiot, you want to know why they did’nt meet face to face? So biden could talk tough about the meeting and if it lasted 3+ hours how did they keep old joe awake? And those aviators he wears makes him look ridiculous

    1. It was all supposed to last well over 4 hours but dementia Joe probably got tired and his handlers decided to put a lid on it for the day. For a really good laugh look at the latest Time Magazine issue where Biden is on the cover wearing those aviator shades with an imprint of Putin in them. Time trying to make him look cool. So funny.

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