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Abbott ducks question about adviser’s remark that Trump is ‘bored’ with pandemic

EL PASO, Texas -- In an interview with ABC-7 on Tuesday evening, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declined to directly address a remark by one of his advisers that was critical of President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Adviser David Carney told the New York Times that "the president got bored with it," so Abbott regularly speaks with and directs his requests for any assistance to Vice President Mike Pence.

The Times article said Trump currently seems "less interested in the specific challenges the virus presents and is mostly just frustrated by the reality that it has not disappeared as he has predicted."

"Actually I spoke to the president for help on Sunday night, and he was very responsive," Abbott told ABC-7 when asked about Carney's comment, although he acknowledged that Pence is his main contact to go to at the White House.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Abbot the moron trump lap dog is useless. Proved useless and wrong decision maker. Not surprising. He can preach to Madmike and his 5 trailer maggots. They are gonna need some guidance.

  2. RNC advisors will be writing out the briefings for the orange buffoon and forcing him to read them as written. He’s endangered all Republican chances at re-election so they are in survival mode.

    1. You got that mixed up moron. It’s Biden. Crazy Joe talks for 5 minutes, closes his book of notes and then walks out of the news briefing not taking any reporter questions. Watching Fox News for real news? LMAO.

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