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Willie Nelson, Beto O’Rourke rally with hundreds for voting rights at Texas Capitol

AUSTIN, Texas — Hundreds of people packed the steps of the Texas Capitol on Saturday at a protest rally to make the end of a four-day march in support of voting rights.

Country music legend Willie Nelson, himself a Texan, led spectators in singing “vote them out.”

The 27-mile "Selma to Montgomery-style" march, which began Wednesday, was led in part by Beto O’Rourke, the former El Paso Democratic congressman and presidential candidate.

Earlier this week, O’Rourke and marchers shut down the frontage road of Interstate 35 during the morning rush hour, funneled between restaurants and cut a path from red statehouse districts to blue ones. The rally culminated in Saturday's rally and concert by Nelson.

Speakers at the rally included Luci Baines Johnson, the youngest daughter of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, according to ABC affiliate KVUE.

Johnson told the crowd her father would be proud of what they were doing, as he had signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into law almost 56 years ago. Meantime, O'Rourke told the rally-goers that they couldn't give up and need to push forward to fight for voting rights; he called Texas the "hardest state in the nation in which to vote."

Nelson weighed in by issuing the following statement explaining why he chose to perform at the event:

“It is important that we ensure the right for EVERY American to vote and vote safely. Laws making it more difficult for people to vote are Un-American & are intended to punish poor people, people of color, the elderly & disabled…why? If you can’t win by playing the rules, then it’s you & your platform – not everyone else’s ability to vote.”

The march and rally came as the majority of Texas House Democrats remained in Washington, D.C., to break quorum during the state Legislature’s special session due to a controversial election reform and restrictions bill.

ABC News

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  1. ABC News propaganda. The march started out with a paltry 100 leftists. How many finished. Willie is a loser just like Beto.

    1. Matching requires walking. Walking is exercise. Liberals don’t support exercise because they are fat, lazy, government dependent slobs.

  2. My cousin was there at the rally. He likes Willie. Long life fan. But he went for the music, not the leftist propaganda. Most of the people that did go were there for the same thing. The music. Otherwise there would only be the hard core demoKKKrats which would be a dozen or so.

    1. I like Willy too. But he lost a lot of his rhythm due to age. There’s video out there of him getting frustrated on stage because of it and even walking off. We’re all headed there eventually but I’m not sure I’d go to see him play anymore.

    1. That wasn’t a blue wave. Just a mild hallucination from smoking too much pot. I’m guessing you’re also experiencing a case of the munchies.

      1. Uvacowboy I can vote, not a felon. Educated Mexican with many family members that will vote blue because of ahole like you. Don’t come near me, talk to me, stay away maggot.

        1. We’re not the loser in his late 60’s living in Section Eight housing, off of our taxes. For some reason, you think having a GED is higher education. Probably is in your family. Unlike you, I have earned bth of my retirements and Social Security.

        2. What are your achievements alberto? GED? Thrown out of the Navy? No meaningful career? Series of minimum wage jobs? Living in Section Eight, government subsidized housing? Banned from military installations? Collecting welfare? Shunned by your own family?

    1. We don’t really care. The great Charlie Daniels and Waylon Jennings were both Republican and their legacies live on and so is Hank Williams Jr. That’s all we need. Redneck strong.

    1. It was a fake and bogus bill and the City failed to put it in a written contract. Get help for your Mango Mussolini Syndrome nitwit.

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