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Would you know how to help someone who is having a stroke? Here’s what you should look for.

Fourteen and a half million people will suffer a stroke in 2019. Of those, five and a half million people will die. October 29 is National Stroke Day. It's the day to recognize the serious nature and high rates of stroke, raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition, and ensure better care and support for survivors.

According to, the signs of a stroke are summed up in the acronym BE FAST.

B - issues with balance

E - issues with eyesight

Face – is the face drooping to one one side

Arms – is there a weakness in one arm

Speech – is speech slurred or garbled

Time – if these symptoms are present it is time to call emergency services

80 million people have survived stroke worldwide.

6 key facts about stroke treatment:

  1. Early recognition makes a big difference.
  2. Around 1 in 10 more people make an excellent recovery when cared for in a specialized stroke unit.
  3. Clot-busting drugs (tPA or thrombolysis) increase the chance of a good outcome by 30%.
  4. Clot retrieval treatment increases the chance of a good outcome by more than 50%.
  5. Rehabilitation is a critical step in the treatment process.
  6. One in four survivors will have another stroke

Lifestyle changes can also greatly reduce the risk of another stroke. Changes include eating well, being physically active, being tobacco-free, managing stress, and limiting alcohol consumption.


Mark Ross

Mark Ross is an anchor/producer for ABC-7.


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