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U.S. virus deaths double in just days – surpassing 2,000

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Getty Images via CNN
Healthcare workers transport a virus patient on a stretcher into an ambulance at Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington.

NEW YORK, NY -- Confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in the United States doubled in two days, surpassing 2,000 Saturday evening and highlighting how quickly the virus is spreading through the country.

Johns Hopkins University reported that confirmed deaths rose to more than 30,000 around the world. The U.S. ranked sixth in deaths, after Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France. Italy alone had more than 10,000 dead.

The U.S. death toll has risen abruptly in recent days. It topped 1,000 just Thursday.

Rhode Island announced its first two deaths from the coronavirus, leaving just three states with zero reported deaths: Hawaii, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Meantime, the amount of coronavirus cases around the world and in the U.S. also continues to skyrocket.

By Saturday, the number of diagnosed Covid-19 cases around the world surpassed 659,000. It was just Thursday that the globe reached 500,000 cases, which was double the number of coronavirus cases from the week before.

The U.S. surpassed 121,000 diagnosed coronavirus cases Saturday, according to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins.

At least 139,000 people globally have recovered from the virus during this pandemic.

The risk of death from COVID-19 is greater for older adults and people with other health problems. In most cases, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms, which can include fever and cough and milder cases of pneumonia.

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    This WORLDWIDE, CHINA CAUSED PANDEMIC would be WAY, WAY TOO MUCH TO HANDLE for the likes for Crooked Hillary or Gropin’ Joe!

    1. US went from 1 to 1,000 dead in a month. Then went from 1,000 to 2,000 in a matter of days. Meanwhile the orange fuktstick President brags he won’t take phone calls from governors that won’t kiss his fat ass.
      Viruses don’t damn who the president is. Trump is lucky to have Pence and Fauci or else we’d be screwed.

  2. The CDC reports there have been 24,000 deaths so far from the flu. Where are the haters not complaining about this but instead continue to demean a Great President? Viruses can’t distinguish from bright or stupid people either.

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