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Dr. Fauci believes El Paso is very ‘vulnerable’ to virus & needs more testing, says Rep. Escobar

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Heath speaks from his office about the coronavirus.

EL PASO, Texas -- The nation's top expert on infectious diseases believes that El Pasoans are as "vulnerable" as the residents of nursing homes to contracting and spreading the coronavirus, according to Congresswoman Veronica Escobar.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said his assessment is based on the underlying health and socio-economic conditions of the Borderland's population, which is similar to that of other minority communities which have also been disproportionately impacted.

Fauci made his comments Thursday to Escobar during a conference call with the Hispanic Caucus, she said.

Escobar indicated she shared her concerns with Fauci over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to start reopening portions of the Texas economy on Friday.

The Congresswoman told Fauci she believed the move to reopen businesses was "premature" because virus testing rates in Texas and El Paso are low, while the number of cases and hospitalizations are currently on the rise significantly.

In two days time, the number of virus deaths in El Paso grew by 50% to 21 on Thursday evening.

Escobar said Fauci’s recommendation was to significantly increase testing and contact tracing, which the nation's top doctor feels is at the core of being able to contain the virus pandemic.

As a result of that conversation, Escobar tweeted that she would be pushing at the federal level to get El Paso "the resources we need to stay safe."

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. I bet Dr. Fauci doesnt even know where El Paso is. He probably thinks it’s some town in Mexico run by the cartels. I bed Escobar didn’t even talk to the dude. We can’t trust her hearsay.

    1. We should all be thankful we have Congresswoman Escobar batting for us in Washington. She can deal the best hand for El Paso.

  2. Go shopping Friday and get yourself something to eat some shoes and some covid come home and infect your family.
    Very smart.
    Escobar can’t be trusted.

      1. Ya, I implicitly trust TRUMP over Vero, and she’s my immediate neighbor, a few houses over.
        Vero BARELY LIVES IN EL PASO, even with Congress out of session.
        I know what she drives, I see her coming and going and she’s RARELY EVER HOME.

      1. Nobody cares what feckless Escobar thinks. I seriously doubt you stay home. You’ve got to come out of your section 8 bunker sometime.

        1. I tried to get Section 8 once about three years ago, but they said I didn’t qualify. What is your problem with Section 8? Its a good program that helps many poor Americans.

  3. Not this lady again……she’s gonna make this about herself. I’m actually surprised she avoided prison after sending lawyers into Juarez to tell the asylum seekers how to job the system. You guys can all stay home no one us knocking on your door making you go outside. And if you wanna give up all of your rights go ahead, not me

    1. This public health danger has nothing to do with anyone’s “rights”. It has to do with us all staying alive in the face of a new and rapidly mutating virus.

    2. Ms. Escobar did the decent and humanitarian thing when she helped the immigrants. As real Americans, we should all be helping them.

      1. I haven’t taken any immigrants home to feed but I have given many of them rides around checkpoints and out of the border area after they cross.

  4. Racism in El Paso is not cool. I’m white but I love all my neighbors. Even the Trumpites who I simply don’t understand.

    1. I am definitely a “Bidenite”, but I’m not quite senile yet. I’m working on it though. Most decent and moral Americans are definitely Bidenites.

      1. Oh that’s rich. How can anyone with morals and decency support that phony? Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians around. He’s right up there with Adam Shiff and Nancy Pelosi. Complete scum of the earth. Funny how you can admit he’s senile though. I wish his handlers could see that. This man would do SEVERE damage to our country. The Chinese are chomping at the bit hoping he “steals” the election. We all better start learning Chinese and teaching our babies how to sew because if he wins that will be our future.

  5. People, DON’T TRUST VERO!
    She’s my neighbor, a few houses over, and SHE’S RARELY IN EL PASO, even when Congress is OUT OF SESSION.
    She’s always whining about El Paso being “poor,” because “evil white people,” blah, blah, blah…
    El Paul’s numbers are low, like the rest of Texas.
    OPEN UP the USA!

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